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New District Website

We are in the process of updating our district webpage. Please contact your individual school if you have questions. Use the links at the bottom of the page to find other helpful information.

Superintendent of Schools: Dr. Alexander Annemone - [email protected] - (201) 945-7747

Assistant Superintendent/Director of Curriculum: Dr. Tamika Depass: [email protected] - (201) 945-7747

Director of Special Services: Ms. Pat Drimones - [email protected] - (201) 943-2682

RMHS Principal: Dr. Vikki Nadler: [email protected], (201) 945-4455

Slocum Skewes Principal: Mr. Timothy Yang - [email protected] - (201) 943-4299

Bergen Blvd School Principal: Mr. Peter Mastrangelo - [email protected] - (201) 943-1861

Shaler Academy Principal: Ms. Jeanine McGlynn - [email protected] - (201) 313-2477

Employment Opportunities

Click on the link if you are intested in applying for a job with the Ridgefield Public Schools