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Welcome Back from the Superintendent of Schools

Rory McCourt


Dear Parents and/or Guardians:

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and is excited for the upcoming school-year!  I’m thrilled to be joining the Ridgefield community and am really looking forward to meeting more students and parents this school-year!

There are many different ways to measure a school district, but the list of highly selective colleges and universities that seniors are accepted to is a good place to start.  Ridgefield's list from the 2018-2019 school-year is impressive and highlighted by acceptances at Boston College, Boston University, Northeastern, Northwestern, University of Virginia, Villanova, Vanderbilt, Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, Georgetown, and MIT to name a few.  This speaks to the excellence of our academic programming from Pre-K through 12th grade, the committment of our students, and the partnership we all share as members of a school community.

To that end, let's try to increase how we use Twitter this year as a community to celebrate the great teaching and learning going on in our district.  Just go to to set up an account and then “follow” Ridgefield High School at @RMHSridgefield, Slocum at @SlocumSkewes, Bergen/Shaler at @bergenshaler, or myself at @mccourtrory.  Then, simply download the Twitter app onto your mobile device from the app store. Twitter is a quick, easy way for the District to share news and updates and celebrate our students’ accomplishments – please follow us if you are able to.

We know that schools work best for kids when staff, administration, the Board of Education, parents, and community members work together to help empower the next generation.  I’m excited to have joined such a great team here in Ridgefield as we partner together to provide our students with the world-class education they deserve.


Rory McCourt, Superintendent of Schools