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Ridgefield's Recognition Award Recipients for 2017

Congratulations to this year’s Bergen County Teacher/ Educational Services Professional Recognition Award recipients: Mr. Keith MacDougall for Shaler Academy, Ms. Laura Coviello for Bergen Boulevard School, Ms. Elaine Asciak for Slocum Skewes School, and Mr. Jon Duncan for Ridgefield Memorial High School. Pictured in the attached press release with Superintendent Dr. Frank Romano in descending order are: Photo 1) Shaler Academy Principal Dr. Tamika DePass, Recipient Mr. MacDougall, REPTA President Ms. Josephine Mendoza; Photo 2) Bergen Boulevard Assistant Principal Mr. Peter Mastrangelo, Recipient Ms. Coviello, REPTA President Ms. Josephine Mendoza; Photo 3) Slocum Skewes School Principal Mr. Angelo Bellizzi, Recipient Ms. Asciak, and REPTA President Ms. Josephine Mendoza; Photo 4) RMHS Principal Mr. John Coviello, Recipient Mr. Duncan, and PTA President Ms. Lisa Haase.
The Teacher Recognition Program was developed in 1985 for the purpose of acknowledging teachers who exhibit outstanding performance. The rationale for this program is based on the premise that teaching excellence is one of the most significant factors impacting student achievement and the quality of public schools. Further, acknowledging excellence encourages teachers to continue to strive towards that goal. For the purpose of this program, teachers are defined as those whose primary responsibility is classroom instruction.
The Educational Services Professionals Recognition Act was enacted on January 9, 2004 for the purpose of acknowledging those who hold educational services professional certificates and who exhibit outstanding performance. Recognition of educational services professionals is based on their contributions to the success of public schools and the important services they provide outside of the classroom environment that improve students’ academic opportunities, workforce preparedness and overall quality of life. Some examples of Educational Services Professionals include Library Media Specialist, Nurse, Counselor, Reading Specialist; Occupational Therapist; Physical Therapist; Psychologist, School Social Worker, and Speech-Language Specialist.
This year’s recipients happen to be classroom teachers, but Ridgefield Public Schools have celebrated Educational Services Professionals in the past. We are so proud of those who educate and support our students, faculty, and staff in a variety of wonderful ways.
At Ridgefield Public Schools, recipients receive a letter from the District, flowers from the PTAs, and prime parking spaces near the schools. They are formally recognized at the first May Board of Education meeting and at a County Luncheon held at the Marriot in Park Ridge, New Jersey.
Congratulations to all!