The Ridgefield Public School District, a diverse but unified community, provides high caliber education through the promotion of quality academic experiences, authentic civic engagement, and mastery of 21st century skills.

    The Ridgefield Public School District strives to be a highly regarded organization, acknowledged for its commitment to the growth and readiness of each and every student in order to ensure success in a challenging global society.

    The Ridgefield School Community values the qualities and behaviors that promote:

    • Intellectual Curiosity and Life-long Learning 
    • Efficiency and Innovation
    • Collaboration and Engagement
    • Inclusivity, Mutual Respect, and Diversity
    • Integrity, Fairness, and Professionalism
    • Personal Growth, Constructive Self-criticism, and Perseverance
    • Organizational Excellence

    DISTRICT GOALS 2017-2018
    Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
    The District will improve classroom learning environments and instructional delivery through higher expectations balanced by staff development that is long-term, intensive, and personal.

    • Focus on Standard 3: Instructional Delivery and Standard 5: Learning Environment;
    • Develop and deliver a systemic staff development program to be delivered monthly through one of the two faculty meetings;
    • Raise levels of expectation on Standards 3 and 5 through more rigorous yet fair ratings; and
    • Plan for more co-observations.

    Student Growth and Achievement
    The District will design a protocol for capturing student growth and achievement as a means of assessing instructional and programmatic efficacy in Grades 4 through 12.

    • Gather Language Arts data from PARCC, benchmark assessments, and Achieve 3000
    • Gather Math data from PARCC, benchmark assessments, and IXL
    • Report findings in terms of the protocol itself and baseline data

    Communications and Public Relations
    The District will strengthen its communications and public relations by extending its reach to the general community.

    • Create an archive of SMORE newsletters;
    • Link to SMORE page from Borough of Ridgefield website;
    • Admin presentation of highlights (success points) at BoE meetings;
    • Inviting town professionals into schools to work with students and/or present;
    • Newsletter and/or flyer (Success Points) that can be posted on Facebook and included in future meeting invitations; and
    • Semi-monthly BoE meeting reminders linked to past success points.

    Facilities, Safety and Security Resources
    The District will strengthen school safety and security by designing and implementing systemic employee training programs that augment and support policies, processes, and technologies.

    • Design and implement systemic employee training programs on single point of entry systems with buzz-in technology, duress alarm systems, and external door ajar alert systems that will be delivered during eight staff meetings throughout the school year; and
    • Design and implement ongoing table top scenarios to reinforce and support monthly security drills (i.e., active shooter, evacuation, bomb threat, lockdown). All faculty and staff will receive training during four monthly after-school meetings.

    The District will explore sources of alternative revenue through federal, state, and private grant opportunities as well as commercial enterprises.

    • Each school will apply to one alternative funding source;
    • Explore advertising on Facebook, buses, scoreboards, etc.; and
    • Report to the Board of Education in the spring of 2018.