Message from the
    Superintendent of Schools
    Rory McCourt

    Dear Parents and/or Guardians:

    I hope everyone is excited for the rest of the 2019-2020 school-year! Since joining our district as Superintendent of Schools this year, it has become clear to me that we have a student body committed to their own learning, excellent teachers, staff, and administrators, a dedicated Board of Education, and supportive parents and community members - all of which are needed to fulfill our mission of valuing each and every student.

    As a reminder, there are many important events we want to make sure you are aware of including concerts, art shows, and a host of other opportunities to learn more about our educational programs and celebrate our students’ successes.  To that end, both the school and district calendars on our website are  updated with parent events through the end of the school-year, which are available for you to view. 

    Simply visit www.ridgefieldschools.com, find Upcoming Events on the front page, and click View Calendar to see all of our events posted by month.  For Ridgefield Memorial High School athletic events, please go to the website, but this time select Ridgefield Memorial High SchoolProgramsAthleticsView the Athletics Game Schedule.

    Finally, thank you for continuing to follow us on Twitter, which provides an easy way to stay connected as a community to some of the great teaching and learning happening in our schools!  If you haven't joined us yet just go to www.twitter.com to set up an account and then “follow” Ridgefield High School at @RMHSridgefield, Slocum at @SlocumSkewes, Bergen/Shaler at @bergenshaler, or myself at @mccourtrory.  Then, simply download the Twitter app onto your mobile device from the app store. Twitter is a quick, easy way for the District to share news and updates and celebrate our students’ accomplishments – please follow us if you are able to.

    We look forward to continuing our partnership with you as we work together to provide our students with the world-class education they deserve.


    Rory McCourt, Superintendent of Schools