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    Welcome to the World of Physical Therapy

    Where a Child's Play is a Child's Work
    School Year: 2019-2020
    School physical therapy is provided to students who display motor difficulties which impact their ability to participate in their academic program.
    Although physical therapy is a very specialized and focused discipline, students are made to feel that they are "playing" as opposed to working. 
    Physical therapy is located in room 1B. It is well equipped with mats, large therapy balls, balance beams, scooters, bolsters, wedges, tunnels, weights, barrels, and a lot more. Located in a cozy corner is our “Sensory Room.”  This is an area where children experiencing sensory overload can regulate their nervous system. Located on the stage is our overhead suspended equipment which targets vestibular development and sensory regulation. We have a bolster, sling, frog, moon, and platform swing. There is also a large ball pit. Under the supervision of a trained therapist students who need this type of input are provided with its use.  The hallways are well stocked with equipment such as therapeutic bikes, a pedalo, scooters, and wagons. It is a child's dream! 
    Therapy occurs throughout the school setting in a way to motivate and interest your child.