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    Music allows the spirit to soar, creativity to blossom and sets the imagination free!!! 
    Come visit with me and hear the halls come alive with the sounds of music! Music has the power to touch all children.  It reaches the emotional, intellectual, perceptual and social dimensions of their lives promoting feelings of creativity, cognition, joy and spontaneity. The music curriculum provides opportunities for individual growth as well as positive recognition leading to feelings of self-worth and esteem.

         Music is experienced and taught sequentially as they progress through the grades.  Musical elements, skills and concepts are introduced, developed and eventually mastered. Pre-k, kindergarten and learning center children sing a variety of action and rhyming songs using creative movements.  They also experience how to keep a steady beat, create, notate, read and perform rhythmic patterns, identify tonality, melodic direction, musical terms and symbols, play classroom rhythm instruments and learn audience behavior to be kind, caring, respectful to the performer and to each other. Throughout the year the children participate in various sing-alongs including Halloween, Thanksgiving as well as the Holiday Sing-Along and other assembly programs.  The kindergartens and pre-K have end of year celebrations.

         Our music program inherently encourages and promotes lifelong learning experiences, compassion, collaborative skills, aesthetic awareness, critical thinking skills, effective communication, character development and career readiness.  It also creates a positive bridge between the school and the community, both in cultural awareness and collaborative participation.