The Ridgefield Public School District, a diverse but unified community, provides high caliber education through the promotion of quality academic experiences, authentic civic engagement, and mastery of 21st century skills.

    The Ridgefield Public School District strives to be a highly regarded organization, acknowledged for its commitment to the growth and readiness of each and every student in order to ensure success in a challenging global society.

    The Ridgefield School Community values the qualities and behaviors that promote:

    • Intellectual Curiosity and Life-long Learning 
    • Efficiency and Innovation
    • Collaboration and Engagement
    • Inclusivity, Mutual Respect, and Diversity
    • Integrity, Fairness, and Professionalism
    • Personal Growth, Constructive Self-criticism, and Perseverance
    • Organizational Excellence



    Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
    The District will plan and implement more effective student data systems and practices by standardizing its expectations for data gathering, supporting data driven instruction, and utilizing available data for program evaluation.

    Communications and Public Relations
    The District will engage its parent population by 1) planning and implementing parent engagement opportunities such as building-based/level-based parent support workshops, parent trainings, and parent information sessions and 2) making communication efforts that will improve schools and district communications by formalizing and establishing more consistent and effective updates to both parents and district employees via the Smore digital communication application.

    Facilities, Safety and Security Resources
    The District will further enhance school safety and security by implementing single point of entry systems and installing buzz-in technology, installing duress alarm systems, and installing external door ajar alert systems. All faculty and staff will receive training in single point of entry, duress alarm systems, and door ajar alert systems.

    Systemic Operations
    The District will shift to electronic, ecofriendly, collaborative environments by utilizing new and existing technologies (e.g., Google Apps for Education, printers, further use of Genesis, etc.) to implement protocols and practices that will breed both organizational efficiencies and educational advancements.