a La Clase de Español

    Welcome to Kindergarten, First or Second Grade Spanish! 


    In today’s world, it is very important to learn foreign languages. In so many aspects of one’s life, it is quite beneficial to be familiar with another language, if not bilingual. The Elementary Spanish program acts as an introduction to a foreign language and culture for students. Students in Spanish class are being exposed to basic grammatical structures and vocabulary that could be utilized to communicate with native speakers and in authentic language situations. Spanish classes are taught in the target language, following the NJ Core Curriculum Standards for World Languages, for a thirty-five minute period once a week. The students acquire the language and cultural understanding through interactive conversations, songs, games, computer activities and videos.


    Students are expected to illustrate understanding through various responses such as physical actions and one-word responses, although students are always encouraged to speak in phrases rather than give one-word answers. 


    Your child is acquiring the Spanish language in an immersed, communicative setting. Please understand that your child needs time to internalize and produce the language. You can foster your child’s language acquisition by asking he/she to teach you what he/she has learned in class each week.