The Certified School Nurse is a health services professional who assists students, families, and staff in attaining and maintaining optimal health and health attitudes.  Certified School Nurses strengthen and facilitate the educational process by improving and protecting the health status of children and staff, and by identifying and assisting in the removal or modification of health related barriers to the learning process
    (School Health Guidelines 2001).
    The following list includes but is not limited to the services the school nurse provides:
    • Health Screenings: vision, hearing, blood pressure, scoliosis, height and weight 
    • Health Education for students and staff
    • Maintain Student Health Records: physicals and immunization, IHP (Individual Health Plans)
    • Provide Health Counseling and Health Resources
    • Maintain District Policy and Procedures
    • Provide Emergency Care and first aid to students and staff 
    I look forward to working with your family and providing a safe happy environment where both students and adults can learn the best way to be health-wise.