The National Honor Society is one of the most prestigious national organizations for high school students.  The Ridgefield Chapter of the National Honor Society confers membership on the basis of four criteria:  scholarship, leadership in school affairs, an untarnished character and service to the high school, as well as to peers and others in need.  The National Honor Society strives to accept into its ranks only those students who excel in all four of the aforementioned criteria.
    Students become academically eligible for the Ridgefield Chapter of the National Honor Society by having maintained a 3.75 GPA in their freshman, sophomore, and junior years.  Each academically eligible student is then rated by a five-member Faculty Council in the areas of personal character, the quality of service, and  the level of leadership exhibited in their various activities and classes. Students admitted into the chapter must meet all of the chapter's admission requirements.  In addition, as part of the continuing requirement of membership, students must maintain the qualifications of their initial selection. 
    The Ridgefield Chapter of the National Honor Society participates in an annual service project by volunteering with the New Jersey Special Olympics program.     
                                Class of 2020
              National Honor Society Officers 
    President   Sara Siddiqui
    Vice President  Mary Griffin
    Secretary Evan Seabold
    Treasurer     Christian Lee
     Advisor Mr. Thompson 
     Contact rthompson@ridgefieldschools.com