• The Class of 2019 is comprised of many diligent and dedicated students who will be working hard to raise funds for various end of year senior class activities.  They are committed to their class and will be contributing their time and energy for the benefit of the entire class. Students will continue to engage in fundraising activities throughout the year.  Sponsored fundraising activities will include: Junior Year Pasta Dinner, Car Wash, and Coin Toss.

    Class officers will be working with the faculty advisor and various student committees to plan exciting and memorable activities including the:  Senior Prom, SeniorPicnic, Senior Pool Party All students are encouraged to participate in the activities that will make their junior and senior year the best and most memorable years at RMHS.

    Members of the junior class are invited to attend planning meetings and parents are encouraged to join a parent committee. It is expected that the Classof 2019 will leave their mark on Ridgefield Memorial High School while bringing fresh and innovative ideas to our school community. 


    President:   TBA

    Vice President: TBA

    Secretary:   TBA

    Treasurer:   TBA

    Advisor: Mr. Thompson    Contact: rthompson@ridgefieldschools.com