Welcome to Mr. Gennarelli's Classroom
    Slocum Skewes Learning Center
    Ridgefield Schools
    New Jersey 

          I would like to welcome you to my webpage and to the 2019 - 2020 school year.  My name is Mr. Jesse Gennarelli.  My classroom is a Learning Center class of nine students at Slocum Skewes School.   We utilize the Rethink online system to assess student skill sets and develop individualized programming for each student.  Some of the other programs used in the classroom include Touch Math, Good Habits - Great Readers, News2You and Reading Milestones.  The students are enagaged in both one-to-one work time and classroom groups on a daily basis.  My goal is for each and every student to reach the highest level of success possible...on an emotional, personal and academic level.