• Speech and Language Specialists help children in schools learn how to communicate effectively!  There are many different ways to teach a child to communicate, whether it be through PECS, a communication device or using their voice.  The goal is to help the child learn how to interact with others, get their needs met and learn new things to the best of their ability.  I believe the best way to achieve this is to have fun!  I use lots of toys and games to help the child learn while having fun.  I also believe that students need to transition their newly learned skills into the classroom and the home.  To achieve this, I am in close contact with the teacher and parents.  I will show the teacher what the student worked on in speech so they can incorporate it into the classroom when appropriate.  I send homework home so that the parents can help further the transition of the skills into the home.  It is a team effort that may take time but will pay off in the end!  
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