Welcome to Pre-K!
            I am thrilled to welcome you to Ridgefield's Pre-Kindergarten! 
    Pre-K is an exciting milestone in your child's life.  Your child is embarking on a journey that will lead them on many roads of discovery and learning. Preschool children learn best by engaging in experiences such as listening, talking, writing, drawing, reading, singing, dancing, discovering, creating and constructing.  They also learn best when they feel confident and successful.  This preschool program provides all of these experiences as well as establishing a solid academic foundation for kindergarten.
    In our preschool, your child will develop self-confidence, enthusiasm for school, basic math and language concepts, social skills, use of descriptive language, and improved fine and gross motor control.  We will all learn to work and grow together, given time and encouragment.
    I believe in creating an environment for my students that is positive, safe, fun, and creative.  Our program follows the New Jersey Preschool Learning Standards to guilde our curriculum as well as a multi-sensory approach to learning in which children are actively engaged in the learning process.  Our various learning activities and materials give each child the opportunity to be curious, explore, discover, achieve, understand, socially interact with others, and experience the fun of learning!    
    I look forward to a fun and successful school year as we begin our learning adventure!