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    Welcome to Mr. Leonelli's Website!

    I want to welcome everyone to our Fourth Grade Literacy class.  As we open our mind and heart to the many adventures and experiences our literary journey explores, may we all share in the wisdom, imagination, insights, and discoveries of the remarkable authors and writers who inspire our own genius. 

    *Homework will be written on the board daily.  It may also be found written on the school website.  
    *Our students are responsible to write down the homework into their planners.
    *Students are expected to turn in assignments to the teacher on time. (assignments that are late will not receive full credit).
    * If a child is absent, they are required to make up all missed assignments 
    * All students are responsible for being prepared for class.
    * Students must bring all required materials (notebooks, sharpened pencils, workbook, daily assignments etc.) to class.
    * We expect our students to be respectful of themselves, their classmates, and all teachers.
    Contact Information:
    Name: Joseph Leonelli
    Phone: 201.778.3480
    Grade: 4
    Classroom: Room 132
    Subject: Literacy