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    Welcome to My Web Page!
    As it says above Speech/Language Therapy is so much more than just words.  I am a strong believer in the theory of those "teachable moments".  I am with my students September through August (sorry to disappoint those people who think teachers get the summer off) and during those many hours there are so many opportunities to teach so many things to your children.  It is hard to explain the thrill you get when you notice one of your students going out of their way to welcome a new child, because we discussed how it would feel being in the "new kid" in class, or using specific polite speech forms which imitate my speaking style. The learning of course is always a two way street, as I learn so much from them too, especially when we are in less formal surroundings, like lunch and free periods.  Thanks to my students I have excuses for keeping up on the latest Disney/Pixar movies and video games, after all I have to know who they are all talking about! We have a great team approach here in the Ridgefield Learning Center with one common goal, giving our students the best education they can get, while making them feel they are with people who care about them and their future.