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    Social Studies 

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    World History
    Mr. Brusgard 

     The curriculum of this course encourages the use of concepts and skills in understanding historical, economic, geographical, social, political, and cultural events and how they are interrelated. Students are encouraged to develop the life-long ability to make informed and reasoned decisions and to become reflective thinkers. The ultimate aim of the curriculum is to enable students to learn about the past and to better understand the present in order to anticipate and prepare for the future and become responsible global citizens. 

    Students will learn about the history of the world focusing mainly on areas including India, China, Japan, Africa, the Middle East and Medieval Europe. The class will examine the rise and fall of empires in these regions along with their achievements plus the their cultural contributions to world history. Students will engage in the reading of primary sources, historical research, writing, map skills, critical thinking, and practice other skills for the 21st century learner.

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