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    In its consecutive 32nd year, The Saturday Happening Program is a veteran for building an academic foundation with endurance, but also a contemporary and evolving innovator as it reflects the extracurricular courses which mirror the student of today.
    Our Programs, both Fall and Spring, offer a wide range of academic, athletic, artistic, cultural, and technological courses to accommodate the individual needs of the contemporary student of today. Offering courses to both students of Ridgefield as well as other communities, The Saturday Happening Program caters to children from the ages of four through twelve. As school objectives continue to evolve, our courses are tailored to address the most current goals and objectives. Whether your child is looking for new academic strategies in English and Math, or perhaps he or she rather learn creative, artistic techniques in Art or jewelry making, we have a course that will stimulate the imagination.
    Our Spring semester begins Saturday, March 17, 2018.  Courses are $70.00 each which includes five Saturdays of fifty-five minute instruction. Please pay by check or money order; cash is not accepted.
    I look forward to introducing your child to exciting courses that will recharge, reshape, and strengthen his/her mind, body and imagination!
    Trista Lavino
    Saturday Happening Director 
    Feel free to contact me: tlavino@ridgefieldschools.com 
    Billing questions should be addressed to Diana Beretin, dberetin@ridgefieldschools.com.  



    Spring 2018 Brochure