• Goals and Expectations:

    My hope is that all students will succeed and thrive in my classroom. Reaching this goal will often require your encouragement and guidance. By working together we can make sure your child meets their specific goals.


    Guiding Principles: 

    Our classroom is a community. In our community, we have rights and responsibilities to help us get along with one another. Each student is expected to follow the principles of being a great student. 

    (The 6th grade B’s):

    Be respectful; In your manner and communication.

    Be an active listener; Ready to work, learn from others

    Be prepared; Have your materials, homework and mind ready for class.

    Be a good classmate; Work quietly when necessary, take care of each other. 

    Be a participant; Learning to become a stronger reader and writer involves taking risks and sharing your thoughts. Have fun but work hard!

    Be a lifetime learner; Learn something new every day, embrace a love for learning!

    **Students earn “Q” cards for quality work and behavior in class.*


    Entering Classroom Routines:

    • Please enter the room, walk straight to your desk and unpack for the day. Backpacks should be hung up on a hook. 

    • Cell phones should be placed in your corresponding number pocket

    • When you reach your desk, immediately get out your supplies: pencil, paper, notebooks, and hand in any homework.

    • Immediately begin working on your “Do Now”  work for the day if listed on the board.

    • Copy down any homework for the evening into your planner if necessary. 


    Units of Study:

    Our curriculum is driven by New Jersy State Social Studies Standards and The Common Core State Standards for ELA & Literacy however; generally, we will be covering the following units:

    1. World Geography and History related to:

    -Early Humans: Mesopotamia/Stone Age

    -Ancient Egypt

    -Ancient Greece

    -Ancient Rome

    Daily Materials:

    • Notebook and folder

    • Post it notes and writing tools (pen, pencil)

    • Charged computer and charger




    Students are responsible for the work they missed when they were not in class. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure they get the notes, handouts and instructions they need. The student will have two days to complete the missed assignments unless they are out for a prolonged period of time. 


    Homework Policy:

    Homework is an extension of what is being learned in class. Homework relevant to material being presented in class provides an opportunity to broaden, deepen or reinforce your child’s knowledge in the curricular area.  I will provide feedback, guidance and monitor the individual needs of each student through homework assignments. Homework will be checked and graded as a completed assignment not necessarily correct. 



    Students will be graded on tests, quizzes, projects, homework and participation in class (both small and large groups). Grades will be posted on Genesis in a timely manner. If students have any questions about their grades, they are encouraged to see me as soon as possible. Parents should also email me in regards to any questions about assignments or grades. 

    Grading Scale:

    Homework: 10%

    Engagement: 15%

    Classwork: 30%

    Benchmark Assessment: 10%

    Assessments/Projects: 35%


    Cheating and Plagiarism:

    Cheating and or plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic grade of zero.  This includes copying homework, classwork, allowing someone to copy your work, and trying to pass off someone else’s work as your own. Please see me if you are having difficulty knowing how to put learned or researched information into your own words.


    Leaving the Room: 

    Students may leave the room when necessary and must always sign out. They should also be able to determine “is this a good time for me to leave the room” 

    Students need to choose wisely so they do not miss any important instruction. 


    Of course there are always questions and topics that go beyond this simple class outline. I encourage all students and parents to stay in touch!