• Class Instruction 

    All resources and assignments will be posted on Google Classroom!

    I want you all to be able to learn through various sources, such as our textbook, websites, and available programs on our MacBooks.  This will make you an active, not passive, learner.  Such activities include daily questions, in-class work, readings, group activities and projects.


    Course Component Specifics 


    Class Participation: 

    • This is essential, as it is with any other class.  You will need to interact with your teacher, as well as your peers, and actively participate in discussions.



    • Tests, quizzes, writing assignments, projects






    • If you are absent from school, you are responsible for picking up any missing work in a timely fashion.  Extended delays on missing assignments may result in a failing grade for that assignment.

    • If you are absent on a test/quiz day, please come see me the first day you are present to schedule a new test/quiz day. This applies if you are absent from class due to a field trip, rehearsal, or any other reasons.

    • If it is a long-term project/assignment, it must be turned in the first day you return to school.




    • Every student must be in his or her assigned seat by the late bell to be considered on time.

    • Repeated tardiness will be addressed with parents and administration.




    Tests/Projects/Writing - 40%

    Quizzes - 30%

    Homework/Classwork - 20%

    Participation - 10%


    Extra Credit opportunities are available!


    Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated.  Evidence of plagiarism will result in an automatic failing grade for that assignment.


    Classroom Conduct


    1. Respect your teachers and respect each other.


    1. Listen!


    1. Be proactive and participate!


    1. MacBooks should always be charged.


    1. NO PHONES, NO HEADPHONES.  If you use your phone, it will be confiscated and given back at the end of the period, and your parents will be notified.


         6. NO BULLYING!


    How to Reach Me:

    Best way to reach me is through my email.  You can also message me through Google Classroom.