• This course is designed to educate our students on our nation’s history, values, entertainment,
    and culture. The United States and the world have taken tremendous strides in technology and
    its understanding of its constant change. Mass Media/Current Issues will explore the early
    stages of technology, its influence on business advertising, sports and its effect on media, radio,
    music, and film. It will explore societal topics such as terrorism, the history of Facebook and
    Twitter, war and diversity in sports, and gangs.

    Students will develop critical thinking skills and content knowledge through analysis of primary
    source documents. They will use these sources to construct evidenced-based responses both
    written and expressed verbally. It will play a crucial role in a student's understanding of
    historical periods.

    Students will be expected to actively participate in class discussion, debates, oral presentations,
    and create multimedia projects. Students will be encouraged to question and discuss why
    events happened as they did to comprehend results, both short and long term. Students will
    utilize 21st century skills to demonstrate mastery of course materials. Through this approach,
    students will discover how media and current issues define America and the world.


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