Picture of Economics and related terms
  • This is a full year course in Economics and Investment that prepares students for further study at college. There are no prerequisites for this course. Economics and Investment is designed to introduce students to the study of economics in order for them to gain understanding of the economic system of the United States. In today’s interconnected world, it is imperative that students gain understanding of the importance of economics and how it relates to their everyday lives. The course will promote understanding of the complexities of economic principles such as scarcity, supply and demand, allocation and distribution functions, comparative advantage, specialization, and government regulations. Additionally, this course is designed to provide students with a broad knowledge of capital markets and capital investment, financial institutions and products, and financial theory for making sound investment and marketing decisions.  This course runs alongside Intro. to Business, and will help students with future classes (such as Business Law, Marketing and Management). Concurrently, this course will further the students’ financial literacy, so they will be able to assess the costs and benefits of proposed solutions to our nation’s economic challenges.

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