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    I am new to Ridgefield Memorial, and I look forward to meeting all of my new students!  This is my second year teaching, and my main philosophy of education includes instruction that moves well beyond what the normal standards of teaching were when I was in school.  While continuing to follow the use of classroom technology and hand-outs, my belief is that a teacher needs to be more than just an adult sharing information to students.  Use of technology is key to ensuring that students are not only engaged and active in class, but also have memorable experiences.  We will be using Youtube videos, online quizzes, webquests, and I hope students like to use materials other than their MacBooks!  Creativity is definitely encouraged, as it's a great way to make lasting memories.  Through my courses, students will have new skills that they can use once they leave school and enter the world as adults.  See you soon!


    Courses Taught:


    Mass Media/Current Issues

    Learning Center Technology