Period 1 (A Day): jmlrocl

    Period 4 (A Day): inrkyvv

    Period 5 (B Day): 2l35eq3

    Period 7 (B Day): ocgjg2e

    Period 8 (B Day): wywurix


    In Computer Art, students will be learning about the fundamentals of art making, the creative process, composition, and design theory prior to jumping into the digital aspect of the course. Students will engage in hands on art assignments to establish a tactile foundation that will help them succeed later on when they begin creating works on Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign. Students will have the opportunity to use their imagination and creaivity to solve problems while creating a variety of art (illustrations, posters, logos, business cards, brochures, etc)!



    • make choices
    • experiment
    • take risks
    • boundaries
    • fail...and it’s ok!



    1. Arrive to class on time and ready to work 
    2. No eating or drinking in the classroom 
    3. Be respectful of your teacher, classmates, other people’s work, and the classroom (especially the technology!)
    4. Clean up after yourself - leave the room in the condition that you found it 
    5. I like to play music when I’m not talking in class, but you’re more than welcome to listen to your own with one earbud in 
    6. Try your best, take risks, make mistakes, and grow!