Each student must bring to EVERY class their math notebook and a pencil. If you do not have a pencil, you can borrow one but must leave collateral (cell phone, keys, wallet-something if you left the classroom without, you would know!). At the end of the class, when you return the pencil, your item will be returned.   We will be using graphing calculators in this course. If you have your own, perfect! If not, you will be able to borrow one in class. Notes, example problems, and problems of the day should be copied from the board into your notebook.


    1. All graded work is to be written with a pencil. If you prefer to take notes in pen, that is fine, but anything handed in to me MUST be in pencil, this includes homework, classwork, tests and quizzes.
    2. All graded work should be neat showing all steps clearly. I can only give you credit for work that I can read and understand.
    3. When problems are solved that require a number of steps, all work should be neatly displayed in quizzes, tests or written projects. 


    I believe in multiple forms of assessment, not just tests and quizzes. Your grade will be determined by a point system. Every assignment will be worth a certain amount of points. At the end of the marking period, your grade will be determined by taking the ratio of your actual points to the total possible points.

    For example: (You will have A LOT more grades than this!)

                Quiz 1: 35/45

                Homework 1: 5/5

                Test 1: 85/100

                Classwork 1: 23/30


                YOUR TOTAL: 148             out of             POSSIBLE POINTS: 180


    YOUR GRADE: 148/180 = 82 B-                          


                Regular attendance is important for success in this class. Make every effort to attend and participate in class. Class begins when the bell rings. If you are not in class with ALL your materials when the bell rings, you are considered tardy. Remember, two tardies equals one absence.


    When you are absent, you are responsible to find out what you missed. Homework assignments will be on Google classroom or you may email me for assignments BEFORE you return to school. If you do not understand the information you missed, come for help the day you return. The longer your wait, the more likely you will fall behind. It is your responsibility to find out exactly what was missed and to make up all of the missed work. Upon return to class, you must see me in order to set up a time and date to make up any missed test or quiz. I will not chase you! If you do not see me or contact me within two classes of your absence, you will not be allowed to make up any of the missed work. This does not mean you must make it up within two days but we must set up a time for you to do so. You will not be able to make up missed assignments at the end of the marking period. Any student who cuts class will receive a zero for all work done in class.


    Once or twice a week, we will begin or end class with a minute drill worksheet. These will be used to track your progress in class. They will make up one quiz grade at the end of the marking period.


                I am available most mornings at 7:30. If you prefer to come after school, please make arrangements with me.


    At times we will use our cell phones for educational purposes. If you are using your phone at any other time, school rules will apply.


                In addition to the rules of the Parent & Student Handbook, these rules are expected to be followed in our classroom:

    1. Someone else’s point of view, whether you agree or not with him, is important and must be respected. When someone else is speaking, whether it is the teacher or another student, listen respectfully.
    2. Respect our classroom and tools used while in class.
    3. Do not be afraid to ask valid questions at any time during a lesson. I am here to help and guide you. NO ONE will feel uncomfortable in our classroom.
    4. Cheating is unacceptable and not tolerated.      
    5. Restroom passes are granted at the discretion of the teacher. Please use your passing period between classes to obtain necessary supplies for class and use the restroom.
    6. Do not bring food or drinks to class. If you do, I will take them and throw them away.
    7. Wait for a word or sign of dismissal by me. The sound of the bell does not dismiss you, I do.