Mrs. Amanda (Smith) Perow

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Degrees and Certifications:

Montclair State University: BA-Education Pre-K-8th grade Walden University: MA-Reading and Literacy Instruction Certification: Pre-K through 8th grade Elementary Education

Mrs. Amanda (Smith) Perow

Every Child Matters.
About Mrs. Perow:
I am in my 16th year of teaching, thirteen of which have been with the children of Ridgefield. I have taught first, fourth, second and now third grade. I have always known that I would be a teacher.  From a young age, I could always be found "teaching" my cousins and neighbors lessons and games for entertainment.
In my high school years, I coached my hometown's 3rd through 8th graders in cheerleading both for the town football games as well as at a competition level.  I also spent many weekends babysitting and using it not only as a source of income but also as means to be creative and engage the children in learning experiences.  I taught Sunday school classes at my church and even traveled on a missions trip to Mexico to teach children in a different country.  
My undergraduate years at Montclair State University gave me the opportunity to gain my first teaching experiences within a real classroom.  At this point, I knew for sure that I had chosen the right career path for myself.  I spent my summers tutoring elementary students, as a nanny for three young girls and teaching at a summer camp for autistic children.  In the Fall of 2002 I conducted my student teaching experience and loved every minute of working with the class of fifth graders.  Upon graduation in December 2002, I was offered a job as a fifth grade maternity leave replacement in the Spring which turned into a full time first grade position that following Fall.  
I feel that teaching is in my blood and ever since I felt it was a passion of mine, I sought after various experiences that would allow me to teach; whether it be a game, a lesson, a cheer or a skill.  I feel just as passionate about teaching now as I did the moment I stepped into my first classroom in 2003.  Each of my students holds a special place within my heart.  Each child that I have worked with throughout my years babysitting, coaching, and teaching has taught me something new.  I firmly believe that in OUR classroom, "EVERYONE's a teacher and EVERYONE's a student."
My Educational Philosophy:
Every child should have an equally positive, challenging and encouraging learning environment.  All children are capable of learning, regardless of race, socio-economic status, or challenge.  I will offer varied learning experiences in my classroom to reach each student's individual need and learning style.
A positive and safe environment is an important aspect of the classroom setting.  Our classroom will have a secure and comforting atmosphere which fosters democratic principles that model respect for both the teacher and learner.
Every student has the right to an individualized learning experience. Students should be encouraged and guided in exploring and discovering new things thought the use of problem solving skills.  This enables the students to take ownership of their learning.  These types of activities also utilize higher level thinking skills which facilitate the development of deeper understanding of topics.  It is extremely important to directly relate and connect academic themes to the real world and the student's individual lives.
Authentic assessment is ongoing.  It is a continuous cycle of learning and evaluating for both the student and the teacher in order to show growth and success.
Students must feel that they are empowered to make decisions within the classroom and that each and every one of them matters.   Children are our future.  We must nurture and develop the skills and confidence that they need to both set and achieve goals and become productive, active citizens of our society. 
"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."
~William Butler Yeates