• Dear Parents

    Here are the directions and some
    helpful tips to work on with your child and their learning packet.

    1. Please READ to your child everyday. A sibling, grandparent or cousin
    could read to us as well! Each time you read, ask your child a simple
    question or two about the story to help develop their reading
    comprehension. For example, “Who is the character in the story?”,
    “What happens to the character?,” “Where does the story take
    place,?” What’s your favorite part of the story?” etc. You can go on
    the web, use magazines, newspapers, etc and have your child use
    pictures to answer questions as well, or assist your child in drawing.
    You can do this activity for lots of stories using any sheet of paper at

    2. For all Tracing sheets, children can also practice copying letters and
    numbers in a notebook at home. If your child requires assistance,
    please use hand over hand. You can also use start and end dots if

    3. Please use the flashcards, previously sent home, to help students
    review letters and numbers daily.

    4. Children should use crayons to color all pictures on the worksheets
    neatly before tracing, cutting/gluing.

    5. Some great websites that we use in school are: Starfall.com
    Abcmouse.com, and brainpopjr. Please visit these as much as you
    can for lots of great learning videos and activities.
    Also, Youtube is a great resource for kids’ learning songs and videos.
    Things to search: alphabet songs for kids, number songs with Miss
    Tracey, Jack Hartman’s kids music channel. Jollytoy drawings, or any
    other learning topic and you find many educational videos for

    Ms. M