• 7th Grade Health

  • If essay was not completed in class:

    "Diet is more important than exercise in regard to maintaining or losing weight."

    Write an essay about whether you agree or disagree with the statement above.  The two articles that we read in class can be used as a reference. Include 3-5 quotes from the articles to help prove your point.  (Use quotation marks around the quotes that you use!)  You should have an introduction, body, and conclusion paragraph.(15 pts)

  • Class Rules and Expectations

    All assignments are to be handed in on the date they are due.

    If you are ill/excused absence from school, you will need to turn in your assignment the day you return to school.

    If you are absent from class for any reason, it is your responsibility to pick up any notes/handouts/assignments you may have missed.

    Come to class on time and prepared.  You will need to bring something to write with and a notebook.  I suggest also bringing a folder specifically for health class.

    50 points each quarter will be based on your participation and attitude during class.

    50 points each quarter will be based on your classwork and homework.

    Swearing or inappropriate language is not allowed at any time in this class.

    Be respectful of others at all times - this includes our classmates, teachers, substitute teachers, student teachers, or any other guests that come into this class.

    If you need to use the restroom/go to your locker/got to the office,  you must ask first and then take the hall pass with you.

    Absolutely no cheating.  Any form of cheating will result in an automatic “F.”  (Remember, plagiarism = cheating)

    Discipline - Any inappropriate behavior will not be accepted.  One verbal warning will be given (except for severe cases).  If the behavior continues, a detention will be issued and parent will be notified.  If behavior still continues, you will be removed from the classroom and a meeting with the principal will occur.

    *** You are responsible for your grade.  The more points you earn, the better your grade will be.  So give your best effort at all times and your grade will take care of itself.