• Dear Parents,
     It is essential for your child to be reading everyday in order to improve reading skills as well as thinking about the stories. Below is a list of reading skills and/or discussions you can have with your child on a daily basis.
    1. Letter Identification
    2. Letter-Sound correspondences
    3. Sounding out letters to make words
    4. Knowing beginning, middle, and ending sounds and letters 
    5. Writing sentences
    6. Understanding sentence structure (Capital letter, punctuation, spacing)
    7. Red Words 
    8. Understanding beginning, middle, and end of a story
    9. Main characters
    10. Making personal connections with the character
    11. Making personal connections with the text 
    12. Retelling the story in sequential order
    These reading skills will be worked on throughout the school year. Please work with your child at home
    How do get your child to write more: