• Primary Text: Prentice Hall Literature: Timeless Voices 

    In this course, students will read and analyze both fiction and nonfiction works.  They will read short stories, novels, poems, plays and nonfiction selections.  Instruction in vocabulary and writing will also be incorporated throughout the year.

    Semester 1: Black Boy,  Romeo and Juliet, short story unit, nonfiction unit and a research simulation task
    Semester 2: The Secret Life of Bees, Night, The Pact , poetry unit, nonfiction essays and the research simulation task
    Grades will be computed from the following:
    Assessments:                         40%
    Quizzes:                                30%
    Classwork/Homework:            25% 
    Newsela                                  5%


    In case the school is closed for the coronavirus, the students have been instructed to do the following assignment which is also posted in Google Classroom (Print copies were also distributed):
    1)You will read the articles from Common Lit that are posted in google classroom(sign in with google email). I also gave you copies of the articles/questions.
    2) Answer the questions after the articles:
    "The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass"
    "A Child of Slavery Who Taught A Generation"
    "Behind the Native American Achievement Gap"
    "The Last Class: The Story of a Little Alsatian"
    "Teaching Shakespeare in a Maximum Security Prison"
    "Village Schools and Traveling Soldiers"
    3) Answer the final assessment question- minimum of four paragraphs. You have a choice of two prompts. The essay questions are attached to this entry! 
    Google Classroom Code 7wwo5ls
    The District recognizes the importance of homework as part of the educational process and has adopted policy #2330, which establishes homework guidelines.  Homework posted on this website is as current as practically possible is subject to revision, and serves as a weekly guide for students and parents.