• Class Rules

    In order to create a positive learning environment, the following rules will be encouraged and discussed throughout the year:

    1. Come to class prepared and ready to learn.
    2. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
    3. Listen while others are speaking.
    4. Follow directions quickly, work quietly, and do not disturb others.
    5. Make good choices and try your best!


    Homework is important. It serves as an extension of the learning that takes place in school. Homework can provide practice and drill that reinforces classroom learning and can provide opportunities for independent study, research, and creative thinking.

    Assignments and test dates are posted on the board daily. Students are required to record their homework in their assignment book each day.Parents are encouraged to look over the assignment books for important reminders or teacher messages, and to sign their books once students have completed their homework each night. 

    Parents can help their children by arranging a quiet, comfortable place for the students to work and by seeing that their assignments are complete. In 4th grade, homework should not take much more than 40 minutes. If your child is consistently spending more than 40 minutes on homework or needs further organization guidance, please contact me and we can devise a strategy together!

    Incomplete, Late, and Missing Work

    Homework is to be handed in promptly and completed in pencil. If an assignment is handed in late, students will receive ½ credit. Parents will be contacted if a teacher is concerned about frequent incomplete work. Before or after school detention may be assigned after three missed assignments.