Geo. H


    Mr. Sansanelli’s

    Honors Geometry Class Syllabus 


    Grading System:

    Based on tests, quizzes, notebooks, participation/cooperation, homework, minute drills, and notebook check.  Depending on value, presentations and projects will count as either a test, quiz, or combination of the two.

    Tests:  35%

    Quizzes: 30%

    Cooperation/Participation: 15%

    Homework: 10%

    Notebook Quiz: 5%

    Minute Drills: 5%




    Homework is to be done neatly and completely always showing ALL work.  This is worth 10% of your grade.



    The school attendance policy is strictly enforced.  Attendance at all classes is expected.  A record of attendance will be kept.  In the case of an emergency, the instructor should be advised as soon as possible.  THREE lates are equivalent to an absence. 



    When you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to get the missed work from me!  Upon your return to class, you will have TWO days per absence to complete the make-up work.  Any student who has cute the class will receive an automatic zero for all the work they missed. Four unexcused absences will result in a 55% for the marking period.



    • There will be no eating or drinking in the classroom and the classroom will be kept clean at all times. 
    • There are no hats.
    • You are here to learn, so there will be no head resting or sleeping in the classroom.
    • Always raise your hand when you want to talk.
    • There is no talking while the teacher is talking.
    • Cell phones are to be kept on your desk on silent without vibration.  They may ONLY be used when permitted by teacher. Phones are to be placed inside bags during assessments.
    • We may add to these rules together.



    Extra Help:

    If you need any extra help, please either email me or find me so we could find a time that works best for both of us. My room is 315.



    Extra Credit:

    There will be extra credit allowed through assignments, when assigned by the teacher dependent on need.


    How to contact the teacher:






    *May be subject to change.  Teacher will inform class.