Course Syllabus for Constitutional Law/Current Issues

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    Instructor: Mr. Brian Burke 


    Textbook/Resources:  Upfront Magazine, CNN, BBC, Fox News, various other media sources

    Required Materials:

    Notebook, Three-Ringed Binder-type

    Notebook Paper

    Pen (preferably blue or black ink) and/or Pencil

    Course Description: 

    This course provides students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the issues that frequent newspapers, television news, and other popular media and fuel the controversies that both divide our population here in the United States and around the globe.


    ·       Students will become more aware of the major issues of the day and become more informed citizens.

    ·       Students will form and express views and opinions on the major issues.

    ·       Students will learn to tolerate and coexist with people possessing viewpoints and beliefs that differ from their own.

    ·       Students will become more aware of media bias and become more media-literate.

    Basic Outline:

    TBA:  We will strive to cover a different issue per week, at the least.  Issues may include but are not limited to Syrian Civil War, Debt Ceiling, Immigration Reform, The War on Terrorism, Health Care, Environment/Global Warming, Race Relations, Economic Equity, Tax Reform, Religion, Education, Abortion, Gun Control, 1st Amendment issues, etc.

    Homework Requirements:

    Any homework assigned in this class should not take more than 30 minutes to complete.  Possible homework assignments may include completing activities not completed in class, independent assignments, research, projects, etc.

     Behavior Requirements:

    My expectations for student behavior are as follows:

    ·       Students will bring appropriate materials to class every day.

    ·       Students will complete all assignments.

    ·       Students will do their own work.

    ·       Students will RESPECT all faculty, staff, and other students as well as their belongings.

    ·       Students will not lie or cheat.

    ·       Students will not disrupt the learning environment of this class.

    Evaluation and Grading

    All grades will be posted on Genesis (online gradebook). 

    Projects and Papers = 50%

    Daily Grades (Writing Assignments, Reflection Papers) = 30%

    Class Participation = 20%

    Attendance Policy-Students should make every effort to be at school, in class, and on time (see Student Handbook).

    Cell Phone Policy

    Bathroom Policy