To gain access to assigned work please click on the link below.  You will be asked for a class code which is also provided below.

    Google classroom 

    Precal class code:  razws56

    BOOK:  Glencoe Precalculus (c) 2014

                Each student will need a math notebook, graphing calculator, and a pencil in class every day.  Do not walk around class asking other students for a pencil or any other materials!  Not being prepared for class will result in receiving a zero for the day.  Notes and example problems on the board should be copied into your notebook and homework should be done in your notebook.




    1.     All graded work is to be written with a pencil.  If it is not written with a pencil you will receive a ZERO for the assignment.

    2.     Calculators are standard equipment and are required every class period.  Calculators will be needed for all tests, quizzes, and written assignments

    3.     When problems are solved that require a number of steps, all work should be neatly displayed in homework, quizzes, tests, or any assignments.

    4.     All graded work must include your name and the date submitted.

    5.     All graded work should be neat showing all steps clearly.  I can only give you credit for work that I can read and understand.




                Grades will be based on major tests, quizzes, homework, and class participation.

                            Tests – 45%

                            Quizzes – 35%

                            Homework – 10%

                            Participation – 10%









                Homework is sometimes collected, but checked almost every class.  Homework is considered not done if it is in your locker or otherwise not with you in class.  If you do not understand the homework come for extra help.  If you just write down answers and there is no work you will receive a zero for the assignment.




                Numerical grades are used to grade all tests and quizzes.  I like to quiz often! The purpose of this is so that you can keep up with the information and know if you understand what is going on in class.  There is usually a quiz on every section or every few sections.  This also helps you when there are chapter tests because you have already studied most of the information for your quizzes.  Tests and quizzes will always be announced in advance. Cheating will result in an automatic failure.





    This is what will happen when you come to class each day.  This is a routine you will follow.  You immediately go to your seat, you get out your materials for work, and you get to work on the assignment.  If you have difficulty with the problems look at the notes and the homework from the previous class.  The assignment will be posted on the chalkboard or the overhead transparency every class.  Please get to work on the assignment when you come in.  Do not wait for the bell to ring or for me to signal you to get to work.  You will have about 10-15 minutes after the bell rings to get the assignment done.




                If you need extra help, please make arrangements with me in class.  Ask me for help immediately if there is material you do not understand.  Please do not wait until the day before a major test to seek help!




                Regular attendance is important for success in this class.  Make every effort to attend and participate in class.  Class begins when the bell rings.  If you are not in class with all your materials when the bell rings you are considered late.  Two lates equals one absence.  If you are late more than a third of the period you are considered absent.  REMEMBER – 6 absences is a failure for the marking period.




                When you are absent, make sure you get all missed work from Google classroom.  If you do not understand the information you missed come for help the day you return.  It is your responsibility to find out exactly what was missed and to make up all of the missed work.  Upon return to class you have twice the number of days to make-up all of the missed work as the number of days absent.  For example, if you were absent two consecutive days that means that you have four days to make up every assignment, test or quiz you missed.  After those four days it will be considered not done and you will receive a zero for all of the missed work.  Any student who cuts a class will receive a zero for all work done in class that day.




                If you’re leaving school and will miss class, or you are in school but will miss class for some legitimate reason, see Google classroom for your assignment.  You are responsible for all missed work.  If we have a quiz or test the next day, you must take it; you are expected to have your homework the next day like everyone else. 




                You will not be excused from class for the purpose of going to your locker to get your book, homework, etc.  Go to your locker before class and arrive on time.




                Use common sense.  I should not have to reprimand anyone in this type of college level course.  You are old enough and smart enough to know the way in which you should act in a classroom.  I expect only the best behavior in all of you.  Rude behavior will not be tolerated.  Things you should remember:


    1.     Please keep the room clean.  Do not litter in the classroom and do not write on the desks.

    2.     Do not bring any food or drinks to class.

    3.     Respect and courtesy for students and teachers are expected.

    4.    Do not sit on top of desks; this is why you have a chair.