• Please visit my Google Classroom to contact me or use school email.  Remediation and Recoupment sessions are available everyday and instructions are posted on the respective Google Classroom page for each class.


    Google Classroom Join Codes have been emailed to each student and family.  Additionally, invites have been sent.  Please refer to the list below if you have not joined your Classroom yet.


    Grade 7                         Grade 6                                                   Grade 4                

    Per. 1   l4gjbkc             Mon/Tues Per 2:  n573wz3                     Abbattista: ecjkej3

    Per. 4   idz4zxl             Mon/Tues Per 3:  fscliwh                         Crisafi: txaan2f

    Per. 8   p4kzxul            Mon/Tues Per 6:  maglc6x                      Hurm: 72rrsmu

                                          Wed/Thurs Per 2: j2nvh23                      Vidrevich: n5vmtw2

                                          Wed/Thurs Per 3: iwzfb2i