Ms. Joan Furman

Phone: (201) 778-3472


Degrees and Certifications:

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Duke University Bachelor of Science Double Major in Biology and Economics Sweet Briar College Certified Supervisor of Instruction New Jersey Department of Education Highly Qualified in Biology and Middle School Mathematics

Ms. Joan Furman


 From the time that we, as humans, are first able to comprehend the world around us, we begin to ask this age-old question.  It is part of our natural curiosity.  Preschool children ask their parents an average of 100 questions per day (  However, by the time students enter middle school, they have basically stopped asking questions.  They become more concerned with rote answers without taking the time to understand the meaning.

Science offers students the opportunity to become engaged in an investigative process that fosters exploration of essential questions in order to help make sense of the natural world.  My role as an educator is to invite students to become active participants in the learning process and to encourage them to become scientifically literate through the application of their knowledge in a variety of settings.  An answer to a question should lead to new questions as part of a deliberate process to find the root cause.  Gathering facts to find solutions to problems is essential to the decision making process and leads to new discoveries and innovations.  Development of this skill will better prepare students to become successful in their future careers.  


"Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question."

E. E. Cummings