• Primary Text: The Language of Literature

    In this course, students will read and analyze both fiction and nonfiction works.  They will read short stories, novels, poems, plays and nonfiction selections.  Instruction in vocabulary and writing will also be incorporated throughout the year.

    Semester 1: Great Expectations,  Romeo and Juliet, short story unit, nonfiction unit and a research simulation task
    Semester 2: Antigone, The Secret Life of Bees, Black Boy, Night, The Pact or Of Mice and Men, poetry unit, nonfiction essays and the research simulation task
    Grades will be computed from the following:
    Assessments:                         40%
    Quizzes:                                30%
    Classwork/Homework:            25% 
    Newsela                                  5% 
    In case schools are closed due to the coronavirus, the students were instructed to do the following assignment. It is also posted in their google classroom.  
    Read Part I of Black Boy (Ch1-14). Answer the study questions for each of those chapters (You do not have to do anything with the vocabulary). For each chapter, also create a google slide (or prezi). In that slide, you should have a brief summary and then focus on any important information that we get. Answer the following question: What has Richard encountered in this chapter? How did he deal with it? Was it resolved? If yes, how? If not, why not? Will it be resolved in the future? Has Richard changed at all ? Remember this is an autobiography so in each chapter the focus is on Richard!
    Period 6
    Google classroom code
    Period 3
    Google classroom code 
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