• 151  Dr. Jennifer Rupprecht  jrupprecht@ridgefieldschools.com      

                                 Assistant: Connie Grasso


    We are excited to bring the worlds of science to your child.   Some sample units of study (subject to change due to student interests):

     Being a scientist, structure of Earth, volcanoes/earthquakes, all about rocks, weather and erosion, climate and weather, natural resources, etc.

     Study guides will be given at least 1 week before quizzes/tests.  Please make sure I have your email address or phone number if you would like to be contacted before any tests.

     At home, please encourage your child to share his/her work/progress with you.  It will help them to take pride in their work.


     A+     97-100     A       94-96       A-      90-93      

     B+    87-89        B       84-86      B-      80-83      

     C+    77-79        C      74-76       C -    70-73     

     D      65-69         F       Below 65



    Evaluation of student performance in a course will be based upon:

    1.   Attendance

    2.   Participation in class discussion and activities

    3.   Student notebook

    4.   Quiz and test scores

    5.   Quarterly Progress Reports based on meeting I.E.P. goals

    6.   Homework and class assignments

    7.   Creative projects and oral presentations (sample projects: science experiments,  

           timelines, and depictions of important events)

    8.   Mid-term/final exams

    9.   Written assignments

    10.  Ongoing Teacher Observation


    1.    Participate in class discussion, group projects/activities

    2.    Keep a well-organized notebook

    3.    Take quizzes and tests

    4.    Complete homework/reading assignments

    5.    Bring materials to class (notebook, assignments, pen or pencil).

         Additional Modifications from IEPS:   (as needed) extended time, highlighting important information, fewer word/answer          selections or reading selections, word boxes, graphic organizers