• math College/Career Math     Dr. Rupprecht:   

    jrupprecht@ridgefieldschools.com     Assistant: Connie Grasso


    Hello and welcome to College/Career Math.  We are in for a great year where we will try to make math as exciting and relevant to real life experiences as possible. 


    This year we will be focusing on the math needs of your child, so lessons may vary from student to student.  We will review throughout the year as basic math facts are needed to introduce new concepts.  Some topics we will be covering: earning money, buying food,shopping for clothes, managing a household, etc.  As the year progresses, we will use store flyers to compute grocery lists and compare prices.

     At home, please encourage your child to share his/her work/progress with you.  It will help the students to take pride in their work.



      A+    97-100      A      94-96       A-       90-93     

     B+     87-89        B      84-86      B-      80-83     

     C+    77-79        C      74-76       C -    70-73     

     D       65-69       F        Below 65


    Evaluation of student performance in a course will be based upon:

    1.       Attendance

    2.       Participation in class discussion and activities

    3.       Student notebook

    4.       Quiz and test scores

    5.       Quarterly Progress Reports based on meeting I.E.P. goals

    6.       Homework

    7.       Projects such as graphs, budgets, etc.

    8.      Quarterly Benchmark Assessments

    9.       Ongoing Teacher Observation


    1.       Participate in class discussion

    2.       Participate in group projects/activities

    3.       Keep a well-organized notebook

    4.       Take quizzes and tests

    5.       Complete homework/class assignments

    6.       Bring materials to class(notebook, assignments, pencils).


        Additional Modifications from IEPS:  (as needed) extended time, highlighting important information and mathematical operation signs, fewer answer selections, word boxes, graphic organizers