English Class

    Dr. Rupprecht        assistant: Connie Grasso

    Teacher contact information: jrupprecht@ridgefieldschools.com  (best form of contact)  

             Welcome to English class. We’re excited to be your child’s teachers.  We are looking forward to a productive year filled with many new positive learning experiences.  This year we will be starting with some grammar lessons and a novel.  Throughout the year, we will be working on writing skills, different genres of writing and reading, classic novels, as well as current reading selections, vocabulary words, picture prompts, and current events.  Student interests may determine lessons as this is a student centered learning environment. 

    • Enhancing communication skills
    • initiate & participate in collaborative discussions, build upon others' ideas, express his/her own ideas clearly and persuasively
    • identify connections between real life and our literature studies
    • strengthen writing, revision, & editing skills

               At home, please encourage your child to share his/her work/progress with you.  It will help them to take pride in their work.  Please provide us with an email address if possible.  It allows us to communicate and send home any information about upcoming assignments, tests, projects, etc.  Thank you.


      A+     97-100      A       94-96       A-       90-93      

     B+     87-89         B       84-86       B-      80-83      

     C+     77-79         C       74-76       C -     70-73     

     D       65-69         F        Below 65


    Evaluation of student performance in a course will be based upon:

    1.       Attendance

    2.       Participation in class discussion and activities

    3.       Student notebook

    4.       Quiz and test scores

    5.       Quarterly Progress Reports based on meeting I.E.P. goals

    6.       Homework and reading assignments

    7.       Creative projects and oral presentations (sample projects: writing letters to local     businesses, presenting research)

    8.       Quarterly Benchmark Assessments

    9.       Written assignments

    10.     Ongoing Teacher Observation


    1.       Participate in class discussion

    2.       Participate in group projects/activities

    3.       Keep a well-organized notebook

    4.       Take quizzes and tests

    5.       Complete homework/reading assignments

    6.       Bring materials to class (notebook, assignments, pen or pencil).

           Additional Modifications from IEPS:   (as needed) extended time, highlighting important information, fewer word/answer selections or reading selections, word boxes, graphic organizers