"A different language is a different vision of life."


    - Federico Fellini, Italian film director
     Please refer to Google Classroom for daily information including Meet Code.

    Tips for succeeding in Italian class:

    • -Focus on the teacher. Pay attention to gestures, actions, facial expressions, visual aides, and props.

    • -Listen, listen, listen!
-Participate in all non-speaking games and activities.

    • -Be a collaborative team member! We do lots of works in pairs and small groups.

    • -Stay on task. Be a self-directed learner by seeking help when it is needed.

    • -Raise your hand to speak as much as possible. Remember to speak in Italian!!!

    • -Follow school and classroom rules in Italian class just as you would in the regular classroom.


    • -It can take up to one year to feel comfortable speaking a new language.

    • -Go at your own pace and don't worry about what others are able to do.

    • -Italian is new for everybody, so don't get upset if you don't understand right away.

    • -Material is repeated multiple times.