• For all of my courses I expect the following from my students:
    • Be on time! You must be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings. If you are not you will be marked tardy. 3 tardies equal an absence and 4 absences will result in a failure for the marking period.
    • Be prepared! Bring daily-required materials (i.e. books, notebook, pens, etc.) to class every day.
    • Be respectful! Show respect to everyone and everything! In the business world you will have to show respect to not only your boss, but also your co-workers, I expect the same here! I also expect my equipment to be treated respectfully. Damage to the computers will not be tolerated.
    • Cursing/Foul Language: use of foul language is not tolerated and will result in the loss of 1 point from your final grade.
    I expect all students to be able to follow these 4 rules on a daily basis. Further, if you are absent from class it is my expectation that you will seek me out to find out what you have missed and must make up. I expect my students to work hard and put their best efforts into their work. If they do this they will be successful. As I said "your level of success is in direct proportion to your level of effort and work".
    With that in mind I expect my students to take ownership of their education. If they want to learn something they need to ensure it happens. I will be giving them a great amount of freedom to explore ideas and concepts that interest them within the particular class they are in.