• Homework  for  STRIVE  students  is real  life  application of the  practical skills  that are  reinforced  in class.   Students  are  encouraged to  read the  newspaper and  read for  pleasure. Students  should  also have  a  library  card for  their own local library  which  they  can use in the  Ridgefield  Public  Library.  Students  should practice  using  money  in their  communities on a  regular  basis by paying for  expenses  in the  community and  possibly   maintaining their own  bank account.  Students should  keep a  budget  record of  their   expenses to  help  them  be aware of their  money   management  skills.  


    Mrs   Sforza's  STRIVE  google  classroom code is 0q67adl



    online instruction schedule


    8:00-8:26:  Occupational Guidance and Preparation (Visit Ms. Wietechas Google Classroom)
    8:29-8:55:  Daily Living Skills (Visit Mrs. Simeone's Google Classroom)
    8:58-9:24:  Functional Academics (Visit Mrs. Sforza's Google Classroom)
    9:27-9:53:  Personal/Social Skills (Visit Ms. Hess's Google Classroom)
    9:56-10:22: Elective=Music (Visit Mr. Buffa's Show Practice  Google Classroom)
    10:25-10:51: Gym (Visit your Gym teachers Google Classroom)
    10:54-11:20: Lunch (Have a snack. Step away from the computer)
    11:23-11:49: STRIVE Brain Breaks (Visit The Brain Breaks Google Classroom)
    11:52-12:18: Gamer's Club (Visit the Gamer's Club Google Classroom and socialize and answer questions about various topics)



    March   16, 2020

     Dear STRIVE   Students & Parents,  

    Folders  containing practical academic worksheets  and practice workbooks have been sent  home with STRIVE students.   Students  can  also  check  out Finance in the  classroom for  budgeting practice and work on interactive  teens activities https://financeintheclassroom.org/student/activities.shtml#teens

    Here  is  the   CNN 10 Student  News  link that  we  watch  daily  https://www.cnn.com/cnn10  

    Also , don't  forget  brainpop.com


    username: whitby
    password: bell
    students  are  to  log in and work in the ixl  accounts  https://www.ixl.com/

     Here  are  copies  of  some  of  the   worksheets  that  were  sent   home   with  students

    Menu Practice

    Communication Work

    Practical Reading

    Money Practice

    Daily Journal

    Recipe Reading

    Explore Math

    Students  are encouraged  to spend time daily  working on their STRIVE academics.  I have reminded students to read, make daily schedules,  to do lists and maintain a budget log of how they are spending  money to help them with their money management skills. They also  should log into their  https://www.ixl.com/   accounts and work on their money, time and  reading comprehension skills.   I   will  post   daily  assignments  here  as  well.   Students  may email  me  their  responses or  write their  work to  share  with  me when they  return.

     Students  can email  me anytime if  they forget their  ixl.com  passwords or if they have  any questions or concerns  about any work sent home.

     Please  feel free  to email me  with any questions or   concerns..

         Allison Sforza



    Daily  Assignments

    Monday  March  16, 2020:    Students   should   make  a  daily schedule of how   they  plan  to  spend  their days, including  exercise, academics,  leisure, socialization.   Get  outside  &  get  some  fresh  air  today..  Looks  like it  may  rain  tomorrow!

     Tuesday   March 7, 2020:    
     1..Research &  list  5  facts about  St  Patrick. 
     2..  Do  some  virtual  supermarket   shopping  &  list  at  least   5  green  items  you  would  find at the  supermarket  and  which  section of the  store you  would  find them,
    3.   Money  Practice   $3.17 :   If you  pay $5.00  for  a $3.17 snack,  what  will  your  change  be?  Subtract  or  count up  from $3.17 to  $5.00 in your head... ( a  penny makes  $3.18...another  penny makes    $3.19)  what  bills &  coins are  your  change?
    4.  Find  Ireland on the  map... What  countries  are  near it?   
    5.  Listen to some Irish  Music
     Wednesday  March 18, 2020
     Reading:  Here's a  trivia site  you  may  like    https://www.triviagenius.com/...  List  3  facts  you  learned.
     Writing:  Find a  board game or card game in your  house.  Write directions to  explain to me how to play.
    $$    Your weekly  income is $100 for your part time job.  You  pay  your parents $10  for  your phone  & put $10 in your savings. 
    Expenses: Budget $5/day for school lunch.  What do  you  have  left?_______ Budget  the  rest  of  your money   for entertainment, food,  miscellaneous, more  savings ....Let me  know you budget  plan.
    Time:   Mrs  Sforza left  for a  walk at 2:30 &  returned at 3:40.  How  long was the walk? _________
    Here is  a link to  check out  Yellowstone National Park !  That's on my list of places to visit... What state is it  in?
    Tour Yellowstone National Park!
    Thursday   March  19,2020
    Explore the surface of Mars on the Curiosity Rover.   
    List   the  planets
    List  the   continents on Earth
    List  the  oceans
    $   Practice   Your  checking account  balance is  $520.00.00 
           You  write  a  check  to  the studio for $ 125.00.
           You  withdraw  $ 40.00  from the ATM  to shop &  go out
           You   deposit  $220.50  paycheck,
          You   use  your  debit  card  for  a $17.23 Walgreens  purchase.
    Your  balance is:__________________________
    List  at  least  3  chores  you  are  doing around  the  house to  help  out...  Do  not  include  cleaning your  room.  You  should  be  doing that  anyway.
    Practice  your  cursive signature.
     Time Practice:  How many   hours  of  sleep  did you  get  last  night? ________    
    Charlotte's  zoom  voice  lesson  started at  7:15 &  finished at 8:00.   How  long was her lesson?_____
    Reading    Read  a  recipe for  a  snack  or meal you  can prepare.  How  long does this   recipe  take  to  prepare?
    Friday    March  20, 2020
    Travel to Paris, France to see amazing works of art at The Louvre with this virtual field trip.  &   tell  me   something  you  saw.
    $$$   Practice   figuring  discount   prices....  Don't  forget, you   multiply  then subtract...  Use  your  calculators.  Only  write   down the  two  numbers  after  the  decimal point. No  weird  answers   What's  the  sale  price?
    30% off  of  $89.79
    20% off  of  $76.42
    10% off  of  $44.99
    Time:  If   I  do  my  online  pilates  class  for  15 minutes a   day Monday-Friday, how  much  time  will  I  spend  over  5 days?
    Write   a list   of  movies  you  want  to  plan to watch on demand,  Netflix , Amazon Prime  etc...   Remember, Movie  titles  are  capitalized.
      Do   some  reading in your  workbooks.    Email me the  pages you do. 
    Read  The  Record &  https://www.northjersey.com/   Check  out  the  CNN 10 recap.
    Choose  something  fun  to  read  this  weekend...  Have  some  fun  with  a  language https://www.duolingo.com/
    "With  the  new  day  comes new  strength and  new  thoughts."  
    Eleanor  Roosevelt
    Monday  March 23, 2020
    Read something positive in the news  to  start off  the  week. Or you can  read a comic  or short story.   Draw  a picture or write  a response  to  what  you  read.  
    Here is  a  cool article about an artist
    Write   these  dates in chronological order.
     Time:  Kendall arrived at the dentist's office at 1:30 P.M. and had a seat in the waiting room. She saw the dentist at 2:00 P.M. How long did Kendall have to wait?

     hours  minutes
    The   turkey   went in the oven  at  3:30 &  cooked  for 3 hours  & 10 minutes..  What  time  did it  come out? _______
    $$$  Sweet Expressions in Denville is  selling  chocolate  online  now..
     The  medium  chocolate  bunny  lollipops are $3.59 each.  Is  $40.00  to  buy  a  dozen? _____If yes, what is your  change? & if no, how  much more do you  need? _____________

     Charlie Rabbit is a  22oz Hollow Chocolate Bunny cost $35.99. There  is $10.00  shipping  charge.  What would  the  final cost be?_________


    Tuesday  March  24, 2020

    $$$$   So  it is Take Out  Tuesday    (  I saw  that on Qdoba's  Facebook Page )  Find a local  restaurant  that  is  still  doing  takeout & plan take  out  orders &  costs for  you and  your  family ( Even if you  do not  actually  order)...  Total  everyone's  order.  add  delivery  fees and  20%  tip  if  needed
    Read  How to Care  for  Heat  Burns
     What to look for: • Red, painful skin with possible blisters • Swelling 
    What to do: • Cool the burn by holding it under cool running water for at  least 10 minutes.  • Protect unbroken blisters with loose bandages and keep broken blisters  clean to  prevent infections..
    How  do  you cool  a  burn? __________________________
    Research  further:  When  should you  seek medical  attention?
    Write   a  motivational   quote   for the  day !  Either  make  one up  or  look one  up.  illustrate  if  you  like....
    Time  Practice:     Don't  forget your  https://www.ixl.com/  accounts....   Log  in &  work for  a  while....  Email  me  if  you are  having  trouble.   Log  &  go to  
    'Topics"  & practice  Money,  Time  &  Reading.   Email  me  and  let   me  know  how  long  you  worked on ixl   start  time_____  end  time_____  How long were  you on?

     Wednesday   March 25,2020

    Reading :   Read  about  this   lovely  train ride...  Find   the  location  on  a  map..    ________   (  check that you  found it)
    Read  about the  small  towns..  Which  would you like to visit   Answer:_________________
    Read        How  to  stop  bleeding   :
    Apply direct pressure on the cut or wound with a clean cloth, tissue, or piece of gauze until bleeding stops. If blood soaks through the material, don't remove it. Put more cloth or gauze on top of it and continue to apply pressure.
    What  do you  do  if  the  blood  soaks  through the  gauze?  Answer:_________________________________
    Write  items  you should  have  in a  first Aid kit      Answer:____________________________________________________________________
    $$$   What   bills and  coins  make  the  following:
    $14.39 ____________________________________________________________
    $77.60 ________________________________________________________________
      Multiply to  figure  7%  sales tax  &  Add  tax  to  prices .  Write   total  price with  tax
    $47.98   tax_______   price  with  tax  ____________
    $53.33  tax___________  price  with  tax_________
    $87.34  tax  ________  price  with  tax___________
    Time     what  is  20  minutes  earlier   than each of these times?
    6 : 00  AM_______________
    7:40 PM  _______________
    11:10 AM_________________
    What  I worked  on on ixl.com_____________________________________  How  long I worked__________________
    Here  is  today's paper...  What is your  horoscope?

    Friday  March  27, 2020

    Reading   Here are  the directions  for making a Super Pretzel
    Pretzel Cooking Instructions:
    1. Preheat oven to 350 – 400°F.*
    2. Lightly mist frozen soft pretzel with water, then sprinkle with salt or press face down in a bed of salt.
    3. Place salted soft pretzel in the oven and cook for 3-4 minutes.
    What does  Preheat mean?
    What does mist mean?
    Math   6 pretzels  come in a  box.  How  many  boxes  do you need to  buy for 10 people?
    $$   The  boxes  cost $2.79 each.   How much   will  2  boxes cost?  
    What  bills &  coins do  you  need for that?
    If  you  pay $10, what is your change?
    Time  You  put  the  pretzels in the oven at 2:30.  What  time should you take them out?
    Write something you plan to  do this weekend.  I  am going to  tune my guitar &  try to  remember a few  chords.
    More  Reading 
    Approximately 134 million households participated in the 2010 census by mail. Enumerators conducted door-to-door interviews only for households that could not be reached by the U.S. Postal Service or did not return their mailed questionnaire. The instructions provided here were used by enumerators who visited households that did not return their mailed questionnaire during the 2010 census' "Nonresponse Follow-Up" (NRFU) operation.
    What do  enumerators  do?
    More  Time
    Star Wars Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker (2019) - 155 Minutes  
    How  many  hours & minutes  is this?
    Hint:  (how  many minutes are in an hour?  Each time you subtract this number from 155 is an hour &  what is left is minutes )
    More $$   Netflix is  $15.99 /month. What  will   you   pay in 2  years?  (Hint:  How  much  will you  pay in a  year?  then double that...)
    More Writing
    Write the names  of  5 other  streets (not  yours)  near you and / or  5 landmarks  near  your house.  People  are  doing  lots  of  walking  now !
     Extra Practice Reading   Put  these words in  3 categories  :  Safety, Number, Months
     Extra Practice $$
    How  much  is ?
    3 $1 bills    2 quarters   1  dime    1  nickel  2 pennies
     Extra  Practice Time
    What  time will it be ?
    4:30    what is  10 minutes later?
    Extra Practice  Writing
    Write  your  address ,   phone  number & Date of Birth

     Monday  March  30,2020

    Reading  How to  set up your  Echo  Dot
    Tip: Before setup, download or update the Alexa app in your mobile device's app store.
    1. Open the Alexa app .
    2. Go to the settings menu .
    3. Select Add Device.
    4. Select Amazon Echo, and then Echo Dot.
    5. Plug in your device.
    6. Follow the instructions to set up your device.
    When  do you  plug in your device?
    Write  down  something  that happened on this  day in history
    $$  if  you  subscribe to  northjersey.com for .99  per month for digital access and  there are 30 days in a  month, what are you  paying  each day?   (Hint...  divide)
    Time I put   the  rice in the  microwave  at  6:35 &  cooked it   for 5 min  then  15  minutes at half power.  What  time was the  rice done?
    More  reading
    Despite the postponement, the Summer Olympics -- when they eventually happen -- will still be called the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. The Olympic flame will also remain stored and displayed in Fukushima.
    T]he IOC president and the Prime Minister of Japan have concluded that the Games ... must be rescheduled to a date beyond 2020 but not later than summer 2021, to safeguard the health of the athletes, everybody involved in the Olympic Games and the international community," said a joint statement by the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee and the IOC.
    When  will  the  Olympic Games of  Tokyo take  place?
    More  Writing  List  the 5  countries in alphabetical order  that have  been  represented in all  summer  Olympics Games.
    More  $$$$
    Alvin earns $17.00 per hour working as an ice skating instructor. Last week, Alvin worked 39 hours. The job as an ice skating instructor is Alvin's only source of income.
    What was Alvin's gross income last week?
    More  Time
    Andrew went for a hike on Wednesday at camp. The hike took 1 hour and 45 minutes. As soon as he got back, Andrew played volleyball for 1 hour and 30 minutes. It was 8:30 A.M. when Andrew finished playing volleyball. What time did Andrew start his hike?
     Hints Add the times to find the total elapsed time.
    1 h 45 min + 1 h 30 min = 
    Now find 3 hours and 15 minutes before 8:30 A.M.
     Extra  Reading
    Read  words & put into 3  categories
    Signs      Coins           Fruits
    Extra Writing
    Write  the days of the week
    Extra Time
    What  time is  45 minutes  after  3:00?
    Extra  $$
    What is  1 quarter  2  dimes  1  penny?
    What  bills and  coins make $3.19?

    Tuesday  March  31, 2020


    Choice 1:  How  long will  this zoo facebook live  event be over all week?

    How many  days? How  many hours a day?  So how long total all week?____

    Bergen County Zoo, Bergen County, N.J.

    The zoo will be running Facebook Live events Tuesdays through Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. during the temporary closure.

    Go: facebook.com/BergenCountyZoo/ 

    Choice 2:   A train left Marshall's town at 10:55 A.M. The train traveled for 2 hours and 20 minutes to Princeton. Then it traveled 5 hours to Manchester. What time did the train arrive in Manchester?


    Choice  3: How  long is   it from 3:15 til   3:30?


    Choice 1:  Read  and answer.

    Battleship is a war-themed board game for two players in which the opponents try to guess the location of their opponent's warships and sink them. A paper and pencil version of the game dates back to World War I, but most people are familiar with the game through the plastic board game that was first marketed by the Milton Bradley Company in 1967. Since then, the game has spawned various video games and smartphone app variations. Today, the board game version is produced by Hasbro, the company that acquired Milton Bradley in 1984.

    What is the  object of the game in Battleship?

    Choice 2 : Read

    The United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations helps defuse tense situations. The UN coordinates the blue-helmeted peacekeeping soldiers, who enter troubled areas to monitor cease-fires and protect civilians. United Nations peacekeepers are credited with helping bring peace to Sierra Leone. In 1999, after the eight-year-long Sierra Leone civil war had ended in a cease-fire, the UN deployed peacekeeping troops to help prevent the warring sides from continuing to fight.

    What does defuse mean?

    to grow or expand in a region

    to reduce danger or tension

    to create new problems

    Choice 3 :   Read words and put  into correct group

    Pizza              eight       Thursday

    Seven              Tuesday     hot dog

    Monday          milk           four

    Foods_____________   ________ ____________

    Days of the week  ___________ ________   _________

    Numbers _________________   ___________ __________

    $$    Choice 1: Try  some online  shopping… Of course,  don’t actually buy anything unless  you are using your own money or have parental permission.. Just  put some items in your cart & total… Let me know your store,   order, & total (with shipping)...

    Choice 2:   The first column is  income & the second is  expenses. A balanced budget  means both sides are equal.. To answer  the question, subtract to find the difference the adjust.


    Da's December budget



    Tutoring: $40

    New chess set: $30

    Allowance: $25

    Puzzle subscription box: $25

    Walking dogs: $50

    Presents for family: $80

    What could Dana do to balance her budget?  Which one?

    Spend $5 more on a new chess set.

    Spend only $65 on presents for her family.

    Shovel snow to earn an extra $20

    Choice 3:  How  much is   1 quarter,  1 nickel and  3 pennies? ______

    What  coins and  bills make $2.43?


    Choice 1  Write  directions on how  to make something for  lunch.. Us words like First,  Next, Finally

    Choice 2    List  5 items   you need to  make lunch or spell   numbers 1-10.

    Wed  April 1,2020

      Choice 1: If I  join an  online  yoga  class  for  $24.99/month and the  1st month is  free,  how much will I  pay in a year?
    Choice 2:  Lunch  cost  $24.87..    Add  7% sales tax &   Figure   20%  tip     (you  figure  the  tip based on the  cost of the  meal, not the  cost of the meal with the  tax.)  Find the  total  cost...
    Choice  3:     How  much is   2  dimes &  4   pennies? 
                         What  bills &  coins  make    32 cents?
      Choice 1:  If I  start  Pilates at 4:20 and  finish at  4:45?  How  long  did I work out?
    Choice 2:   Spencer and his sister started watching a cartoon movie at 11:30 A.M. The movie was 2 hours and 30 minutes long. After the movie, they played a card game for 1 hour and 15 minutes and then played soccer in the backyard for 1 hour and 45 minutes. What time was it when Spencer and his sister finished playing soccer?

    Include A.M. or P.M. in your answer (for example, 11:58 A.M.).
    Choice 3:   Complete
    A  minute is  ________  seconds
    A  hour  is   ____________  minutes
    A  day is ______________ hours
    A week is ______________ days
    A month is  ____________ weeks
    A month is _______, _____, _____  days
    A year is ___________ months
    Choice 1:  Write these dates in order  earliest   1st
    1/23/19               8/23/19              9/12/20
    4/12/19               9/23/20               5/12/20
    7/14/20                11/4/20                7/14/19
    Choice 2:   Write  a  5 sentence paragraph about your  perfect day.  Check for  COPS ( Capitalization, Overall  Appearance,  Punctuation, Spelling...)
    Choice  3:  List  the 12 Months in Order
    Choice 1 : Read and  answer
    Spring cleaning is the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house in the springtime. The practice of spring cleaning is especially prevalent in climates with a cold winter. In many cultures, annual cleaning occurs at the end of the year, which may be in spring or winter, depending on the calendar.
    What does  prevalent mean?
    Choice 2:  Read

    Restaurants, movie theaters and sports arenas aren’t the only businesses laying off employees and cutting hours as the coronavirus crushes the U.S. economy.

    So are law firms, marketing companies, insurance providers and countless other enterprises that may seem insulated from the more direct body blows of an outbreak that has triggered the shutdown of public gathering spots across the country.

    What does "insulated from"  mean in this  text?

    Choice  3...  Practice  reading  aloud.
    Skip  sat up in bed.  He  had to get up.  He had a  big  quiz in math and he did not want to miss the  bus.  He  felt sick and his skin was hot.  He  left his quilt on his bed and went  to get his mom.
    Read the words and put into correct  group:   colors, numbers, signs
    red                              ten                          left
    go                               blue                        seven
    green                         danger                   five

    April  2, 2020

     Choice 1: The  Secret Life of Pets & answer the question
     When a terrier and an unruly mutt are almost taken to the pound after being attacked by cats during their walk, they are rescued by a rabbit who tries to convince the canine companions to join his gang of abandoned pets on a mission against humans.
    In this  movie, what  does the  rabbit  try to  convince the  dogs to do?
    Choice 2:

    In the realm of infectious diseases, a pandemic is the worst case scenario. When an epidemic spreads beyond a country’s borders, that’s when the disease officially becomes a pandemic.

    Communicable diseases existed during humankind’s hunter-gatherer days, but the shift to agrarian life 10,000 years ago created communities that made epidemics more possible. Malaria, tuberculosis, leprosy, influenzasmallpox and others first appeared during this period.

    The more civilized humans became, building cities and forging trade routes to connect with other cities, and waging wars with them, the more likely pandemics became.

    What is meant  by realm?  What is  meant by agrarian?

    Choice 3:  Practice  reading if you  need to

    Mom had a  shock  when Skip came in. He had a  red  rash on his  neck. "Back to  bed, Skip," said Mom. Skip went back and got in bed. Mom came to check his temp. It  was  hot !

    Read  these  community words and  check them after you read

    bank           store               police         library    school

    theater       fire station    restaurant    mall     grocery


    Choice 1:  Write  your  schedule  for today.

    Choice 2.At soccer camp, Scott spent 30 minutes practicing defense and 30 minutes shooting. If the camp ended at 11:30 A.M., what time did it start?Include A.M. or P.M. in your answer (for example, 11:58 A.M.).

    Choice 2:   Its  6:30.  What  will it  be in 2  hours?

    Its  4:10.  What  time  was it 10 minutes  earlier? 


    Choice  1    Perla  bead shopping

    1000  sour  apple  beads  $3.09

    Large  bead board    $6.62

    tweezer     $3.31

    Find  the  total... What's  your  change  from $20?  What  bills & coins? 

    Choice 2  Estimate the amount of the tip by rounding the bill to the nearest dollar before calculating.

    20% tip on a bill of $16.18.   The amount of the tip is approximately $  ___________

    Choice 3  How  much is  2 quarters, nickel & 3 pennies?   ____________

    What  bills and coins make 4.37 ?    ______________________________



    Choice 1 Write directions on how  to make something for dinner

    ( Something you  can actually  make)

    Choice 2  Write  a 5 sentence paragraph about a  book you read.


    Choice  3 Write  the names of your  family members

       Friday   April 3, 2020



     Choice 1:  Yamslam is a dice game built on the same Yahtzee mechanic of rolling 5 dice up to 3 times while holding dice that you want to use for a scoring category. But Yamslam is a lot quicker and more competitive. And you won’t need to worry about recording your score on a pad of paper. Instead, when you complete a category, you take one of the chips for that category.


    What  two materials  are included in this Yam slam  game? ______________ ___________

    Choice 2:  Read

    "Slim chance" leaves some possibility. Chances are small, but it still could happen. Sometimes, "slim chance" is even used optimistically or to encourage. If your sports team is losing the big game, you might reassure your friends, “Don’t give up yet. There’s still a slim chance that they could pull this off!”

    "Fat chance" leaves essentially no possibility and is almost always used negatively. If your ex asked you out on a date after a rough breakup, you might reply: "You think we should we get back together? Fat chance of that happening!" That date isn’t going to happen. There’s absolutely no chance, but you wanted to say it with some extra oomph.

    So  if you are  hoping for something to  happen, would you rather  hear that it is a "slim chance" or "fat chance"?  ___________________

    Choice 3 : Read aloud if you  need to practice

    Mom did pack  Skip's lunch but did not let him get on the bus.  He had to miss the quiz. He slept the rest of the day.  He slept a long time and stayed in bed. He had to drink lots of water.

     Write  these words  under the correct  category. food, house, months

    March                          bed bread

    chair                         May milk

    apple                        rug April


    Choice 1:  Yam Slam  cost $17.99 at  Target. If games are 10% off, how much  would it cost? __________ (multiply then subtract)

    more total practice

    • 2 Pairs / 5 points.
    • 3 of a Kind / 10 points.
    • Small Straight / 20 points.
    • Flush / 25 points.
    • Full House / 30 points.
    • 4 of a Kind / 40 points.
    • Large Straight / 50 points.
    • Yamslam (5 of a Kind) / Pick any chip and play again.


    • if  I have a large straight,  2 full houses, a flush &  3 of a kind; how many points do I have?   ____________________________________


    Choice 2:     Denise has 8 coins, all of which are quarters and pennies. In all, they're worth $1.76. How many of each kind of coin does Denise have?

    ___ quarters



    Choice 3 :  How much is 1 quarter, 1 nickel & 2  pennies? _____________

    What  bills &  coins make $5.44 ?  __________________________


    Choice 1..Our virtual school day  schedule is suggested to be  9AM til 12:18.. How long is that?_____  hours & _____ min

    Choice 2:  Martin hiked to a famous point with a beautiful view. It took 1 hour and 30 minutes to hike to the viewpoint and 45 minutes to hike back. Martin spent 1 hour enjoying the view at the top. He finished the hike at 4:45 P.M. What time did Martin start the hike to the viewpoint?  ________

    Choice 3:   What is  15 minutes  before  10:00AM? ___________


     Choice 1:  Write  you plans  for the weekend

    Choice 2: Write  5 sentences about  you favorite place.

    Choice 3: Write  the names of  as many colors as you  can


    April  13, 2020

    Write  what  you did  over  break.
    Choice 1   Write   sentences.
    Choice 2  Write  a  paragraph or two .
    Choice  3   Write a list of what you  did.
    Choice  1     Read  how  to  do laundry
    1. First, check the labels for washing instructions and remove any objects from your pockets. 
    2. Next, separate clothes into whites and darks to prevent your whites from discoloring. 
    3. If your clothes have stains, treat them. 
    4. Now, fill the washer only ¾ of the way full to ensure a better wash. 
    5. Add detergent – don’t overfill, and if using Pods, put directly in the drum. 
    6. Select your temperature. Use hot for whites and cold for colors.  
    7. And, now you can start the machine. 
    8. When washer is done, put your clothes into the dryer and select desired settings. 
    9. Take clothes out of the dryer when it stops to prevent wrinkling. 
    10. Then you can hang or fold clothes. 
    What temperature  water  do you  use  for   colors?
    Choice 2  Read

    If you’re shopping for a new TV, you may have seen terms like 4K, 1080p, and 720p. These terms refer to the resolution, or how much detail the screen can display. We’re going to give you a brief overview of common TV resolutions, and also show you how to find content that will look good on your TV.Every TV screen is composed of numerous pixels, which are tiny squares that can display a specific color. Because each pixel is so small, you normally won't notice each one unless you are very close to your TV.

    The more pixels the screen has, the higher its resolution. A higher resolution will allow the TV to display more detail, which means movies and TV shows will look better.

    What is meant by a  TV's resolution?

    Choice 3: Read  if you need the practice

    Skip did not get up to play.  The  next day, Skip felt the  best he  had in a long time.  It was a day  off too. He was  glad there was no class. He had a pln to fill his day with fun.

    Write the number words in order  from smallest to greatest

    four        seven      two     six     five      eight     twelve     ten 

    three  six



     Choice1: I put a load of  laundry in at  4:40 and  the  timer  said  50 minutes.  What time  should I  go  check on it? 

    Choice 2: How many  hours and minutes Spiderman Far from Home   130 minutes?   (Remember keep  subtracting 60 for  the  number of hours then  what is  left is minutes) 

    Choice 3  : What time is  2:30 plus  2hours?


    $$   I  made an  error  on the choice number order but do what is best for for you.

    Choice 1 : My  beginning checking  account balance is  $639.30  

    I  deposited  my  $220.90  paycheck then paid  my  $210.58 Verizon bill and  bought lunch  for $8.90.  I  took $40. 00 out of the ATM  for  the movies.. What is my balance?

    Choice  2:  How much is    2 quarters,  1  dime & 1 nickel

    What  bills and coins make $4.40?


    Choice 3:   

    This table shows Craig's January budget. How much money can Craig spend on movie tickets to keep his budget balanced? Complete the table.  Make   sure  the totals  are  equal  then subtract  to  figure the money   available  for movies.
    Craig's January budget
    Income Expenses
    Job at a comic book store: $120 Movie tickets: 
    Selling old comic books: $15 Popcorn: $15
    Gift from cousin: $20 Gas: $90


    April 14  2020

    Reading Choice 1:  Read the text.
    Cindy slipped out of bed and tiptoed down the hall. But when she opened the door at the end of the hall, she found a closet, not the bathroom. Cindy tried another door and found the office.
    By the time she found the bathroom, Cindy couldn't remember where her room was!
    Based on the text, which sentence is more likely to be true?
    Cindy  was  sleep walking     or
    Cindy  was not in her  home
    Reading Choice 2:  Do Newslea assignment &  Take the  Quiz
    Reading  Choice  3:   Practice  Sounding Out  words
    He went out to get on the  swing.  When he  sat on the  swing he  felt a sting on his leg. He let out a yell.  He  swung at the  bat and fell off the  swing. Now there was a  bump on his chin andhis leg began to swell. 
    & put these words  with the  correct  heading
    Choice 1   Write directions   from your house to the supermarket.
    Choice 2   Write a paragraph about someone you admire
    Choice 3 List the names of  5  friends.
     Choice 1:Write the names of the shows or movies you watched yesterday & how long each show or movie was.  How long did you watch altogether?
    Choice 2: Eli got in his car and started driving toward his grandmother's house. After driving for 1 hour, Eli took a break for 1 hour to have a snack. Then Eli drove 2 hours and 30 minutes and finally arrived at his grandmother's house at 4:15 P.M. What time did Eli start driving?
    Choice 3  What is  7:30 plus  20 minutes?
    How  long is  it  from 3:00-3:25?
    Choice 1 What is  the  sale price ?
    30% off of 57.99  Multiply  to  find discount then subtract to find sale price.. What  bills &  coins is that?
    Choice 2: Brody worked as a dental assistant for 8 weeks while he was training to be a dentist. His weekly gross income was $749.38. The dental office withheld $104.14 each week for taxes.
    What was Brody's net income for the 8 weeks?
    Choice 3:  How  much is a quarter plus 2  dimes plus 1 penny?
    What coins make 44 cents?


    April  15 2020

    $$$ Choice 1    You  owe  $ 3.86 .What is   your   change  from  $10.  Try to count up in your  brain.   
    $3.86 plus ____is  3.87
    plus _______ is  3.88
    plus ______ is  3.89
    plus_______ is  3.90
    plus________  is 4.00
    plus________ is 5.00
    plus _________ is 10.00
     Add all those coins &  bills together.  Your  change is           ?
    Subtract  to  check   $10.00 - $3.86 equals          ?
    $$$ Choice 2   Nicholas used his credit card to buy a set of golf clubs that cost $349. If he pays off the balance over the next three months, he will pay $13.28 in total interest.
    If Nicholas pays off his credit card in three months, how much will he pay in all for the golf clubs?
    $$$ Choice 3   How  much is  1 quarter + 1  dime +1 penny?
    What  bills & coins make   $2.59?
    Time Choice 1   Onward is    1 hour and  42  minutes so if  you start watching at  8:30PM, What time will it be over?
    Time  Choice 2  Black Panther is  135 minutes. How many hours and minutes is that?
    Time Choice 3   What time  is  6:45  + 15 min?
    How long is  7:30 - 8:00PM?  
    Reading Choice 1 Do  Newslea  Assignment & Quiz
    Reading Choice 2 
    Linda shouted in frustration and slammed the fridge door shut.
    "What's wrong?" Tessa asked as she licked the pink frosting from her fingers.
    "I can't find the strawberry cupcake that I bought at the bake sale!" Linda exclaimed.
    Tessa gulped. "It didn't happen to have red sprinkles on it, did it?"
    Based on the text, which sentence is more likely to be true?
    Tessa got pink frosting all over the fridge  door
    Tessa at Linda's strawberry  cupcake.
    Reading  Choice  3 
    Put these  words next to the right category
    nine               summer          shirt
    pants                one              fall
    shorts               spring             eight
    Read        Skip  fell  and got  stung by a  bug. Skip had to limp  back in.  He  asked his  mom for help. Mom got  stuff to put on his leg.  Skip  did not have much luck
    Writing Choice 1      Write directions  to  do laundry
    Writing Choice 2 Write a paragraph about the job you want to have
     Writing Choice 3  Write a list of numbers you can spell

     Thursday  April  16, 2020

    Reading  Choice 1  Newsela


    Reading Choice 2   Read 

    Jeff  felt the  chill of the  wind,

    Tom still felt  ill.

    Did  Dad yell at Bob?

    I had a  glass of milk with my snack.

    You must brush and floss


    Put these  words next to the  correct headings

    skirt      Tuesday peas

    carrots      hat Monday

    Friday     coat beans






    Reading Choice 3

    When people think of Antarctica, they think of snow and ice. When they think of deserts, they think of sun, heat, and sand. Yet in spite of its cold temperatures, Antarctica is actually a desert. In fact, it is the largest desert on the planet. A desert is a very dry environment that receives less than ten inches of precipitation yearly. On average, Antarctica gets less than two inches. Most of that precipitation is in the form of snow, but rain or ice can sometimes fall as well.


    What is  this about? Choose 1

    Even though Antarctica has  snow and is cold, it is a  desert.




    Most  precipitation in Antarctica is inthe form of  snow even though it can also get rain or ice.



    Choice 1 How  many 20  bills do you need  for these amounts due?




    Choice 2  

    Sandra's yearly finances

    Earnings from job at the ice cream parlor


    Earnings from job at the library


    Income tax and other payroll taxes


    What is Sandra's gross income for the year?


    Choice 3  How much is  2 quarters 1 dime and 2 nickels?


    What bills and coins make $4.29?



    Choice 1     The Today  Show is on from  7-9 AM How long is  it on?


    Choice 2    Kyle's class took a field trip to the art museum. They left school at 8:00 A.M. It took them 30 minutes to drive to the museum. They stayed at the museum for 3 hours. What time was it when Kyle's class left the museum?


    Choice 3  What time is  30 minutes before 3:30?  

    How  long is it  from 5:30 to  6:30?



    Choice 1  Write  your weekend plans.


    Choice 2 Write a paragraph describing what matters most to you.


    Choice 3 List your 5 favorite foods.

    Friday   April  17 

    Use   today  to  catch up on  ixl.com and  newsela  and  your epic books & CNN.
    Please  email me  what you work on or respond in Google  classroom &  let me know if you  need  usernames 

     Monday  April  20,2020


    $$$  Choice 1   Budget  Practice  Video… Write  your answers on paper as  you do the video then type   them below….

    $$$  Choice 2   You  have $20.   Can you buy $14.99 shirt &  $2.25 soda? If yes, What is your  change? Answer?_______________

    If  no,how  much more do you need?  Answer:___________

    $$$  Choice  3  How   much is  1 quarter      1 dime 4 pennies?  _________

    What  bills &  coins make  $2.34___________

    Time   Choice 1    What   time will  my potatoes  be ready if I  put them in the oven at   5:35 & the directions say  cook for 25 minutes?__________

    Time  Choice 2 

    On a hot summer day, Erica and her friends decided to have a water fight. They threw water balloons for 1 hour and 30 minutes. When all the water balloons were gone, they sprayed water with hoses for 45 minutes. The water fight ended at 5:15 P.M. when Erica's dad showed up with ice cream. What time did the water fight start?  Answer:_____

    Time Choice 3   What  time is   11:30 plus 30 minutes? ____:_____

    How  long is  it from 12:00 to  12:20?________ minutes

     Writing  Choice 1

    Write  directions  for how to set  up your video system.

    Writing  Choice 2

    List  your 5  favorite video  games or board games.

    Writing  Choice 3

    Write a  paragraph  explaining how  remote learning has  affected you.



    Tuesday  April 21, 2020

    Reading Choice 1     Watch  High Frequency  Word Video & Write  10 more words you worked on

    Reading  Choice 2  Newsela assignment Recreating Artwork.  Write what you read about

    Reading Choice 3  

    The stone fish is the world’s most venomous fish. Unlike most venomous creatures, the stone fish doesn’t use its venom for hunting purposes, but rather for defense. If it’s in danger of becoming a snack, the stone fish will swipe the predator with its spiny dorsal fin and inject venom, which is capable of killing an adult human in less than an hour. Needless to say, it’s pretty effective — even against larger predators.

    What does the stone fish use its venom for? Answer:

    $$  Choice 1  Choose  a teen activity meeting from the finance in the  classroom website (link attached) & write what you  worked on. 


    $$ Choice  2 What  is 30% off  of the following 3  prices?

      $59.99,      $32.70, 38.73       hint Multiply then subtract

    $$  Choice 3  How  much is  1 quarter, 2 dimes &  1 nickel?

    What  bills &  coins make  $11.24

    Writing  Choice 1  List  5 things you are grateful for.

    Writing Choice 2  Write a paragraph about 1 thing you are grateful for.

     Writing Choice 3  Write  directions on how to  prepare something for breakfast

    Time  Choice 1    Denise made chili for a football party. She started making the chili at 10:45 A.M. It took 15 minutes to prepare and assemble the ingredients. Then, the chili had to simmer for 15 minutes. What time was the chili ready?

    Time Choice 2 Lina took a math test. The test started at 1:00 P.M., and ended at 1:30 P.M. How long did Lina's math test last?

     Time Choice 3 What  time was it? 15 minutes  earlier than 9:30?

    How  long is it  from 6:00 til 6:30?


    Wed  April  22

    Reading  Choice 1  Watch First 100 High Frequency words.  Watch then write 10 words you read

    Reading Choice 2  Newsela


    Reading  Choice 3


    Run only when full. First of all, your dishwasher, like many appliances in your home, is most efficient when it's full. Make sure to only run the dishwasher when you have enough dishes inside to make it worth the energy and the water that it'll use to clean them. Plus, you're not going to get your dishes cleaner by running the dishwasher empty, so don't bother.


    Why  should  you not  run the dishwasher  when it is not full?


    $$  Choice 1    Watch  Net Pay vs Gross  Pay short video & write the  definition of each :


    Net  Pay:


    Gross  Pay:

    & answer:    Gross Pay is $378.40..    Taxes withheld from your check total  $59.49

    What is   your Net Pay?


    $$  Choice  2   Watch  making Change  video & Count up  to make change

    Pay  $5.00   owe $2.34

    2.34 +_________=  2.35

    2.35+__________= 2.40

    2.40+__________ = 2.50

    2.50+___________ = 2.75

    2.75 +__________  = 3.00


    4.00+___________ = 5.00

    Total  all bills &  coins…… Your  change is__________  Subtract $5.00-2.34=     to check


    $$  Choice  3   How much is  1 quarter 1  dime 1 nickel?


    What  bills &  coins make  $3.46?        

    Time  Choice  1:  Jessica’s family is traveling from Atlanta, Georgia to New York by plane. Their flight leaves at 11:15 a.m. and should take 2 hours and 15 minutes. What time will their plane arrive in New York?

    Time  Choice 2:  Marci was babysitting for her cousin. Her cousin was gone for 3 hours and 40 minutes. Marci left at 9:57 p.m. What time did she start babysitting? 

    Time 3 Choice 3:   What  time is  2:00 + 45  min? Answer  _ :_


    How  long from  4:30 - 5:00 ?          ______ min

    Writing  Choice 1   Write   a letter of  interest to for  a job you would like   to have

    Writing  Choice 2   Write  a paragraph about your  favorite movie

    Writing Choice 3 List  5 ingredients  to make cookies


    THurs   April  23

    Time  Choice 1  Dad says dinner will be ready in 35 minutes. It’s 5:30 p.m. now. What time will dinner be ready?


    Time  Choice 2  Jack ran a marathon in 2 hours and 17 minutes. He crossed the finish line at 10:33 a.m. What time did the race start?


    Time  Choice 3   What time  is 5:30 plus 20 minutes?  ___________

                                   How  long is  5:30-6:00 ? _________  minutes

    Reading  Choice 1  Newsela  Music & Emotions.  Write what you read about

    Reading Choice 2   Watch First 100 High Frequency words.  Watch then write 10 words you read


    Reading  Choice 3   Read  how to Make tomato cheddar elbow  macaroni

    Combine the pasta and sauce. Transfer the mixture to serving pans that have been sprayed with nonstick cooking spray.

     Top with 2nd measure of shredded cheese.

     Heat in a 350 °F oven for approximately 10 minutes, until the cheese has melted or until internal temperature reaches 145 °F or higher for 15 seconds


    What  should you  do to the pan  before you add the  mixture?


    $$  Choice 1  Watch  Unit Price video &  try this..

    Which is the better  buy?

     2 liters of Milk at $3.80, or

    1.5 liters of Milk at $2.70 ?

    $3.80  divided by 2 liters 

    $2.70 divided by 1.5 liters


    $$  Choice  2    How many  20 bills do you  need for $52.90? _____What  will your change be? 


    $$  Choice 3   How  much is 3 quarters, 1 dime, 1 nickel?

    What  bills & coins  equal $4.35?


    Writing Choice 1 List  your 5 favorite  songs


    Writing Choice 2  Write a paragraph about how  art or music affects you


    Writing Choice 3 Write  sentences  about one song



    Friday  April  24

    Work in ixl.com today.
    Go to ixl.com
    Go to Sign in
    Username: @ridgefield
    password: strive

    $$$ click on "Learning" then " Math" then " Topics" then the (17th choice ) Money & Consumer Skills
    click on " See all 141 skills" then start where you want...
    Time... you can click on "Learning" then "Math" then "Topics " then (27th choice) is Time, click on see all 74 skills then start where you want
    Reading click on "learning" then Language Arts " then "Topics" then "Reading Comprehension" and start where you want.

    After you work for about 30 minutes, Come back to google classroom & write down what you worked on and for how long...

    Let me know if you need your username... The password is strive.. Most usernames are 1st initial last name & @ridgefield.... not ridgefield.com but some have numbers so you can try to add 1 like "asforza1a@ ridgefield " & some of you may not have been added so let me know if you need help.. I emailed many of you your usernames so check.


    Monday  April   27

    $$$ Choice 1  Watch 7 Steps on How  to Create a Budget & List the 7 Steps  below

    $$$  Choice  2   How many 20 bills  do you need for $46.90?     What bills & coins will you  get back as change?

    $$$  Choice 3  How much is 3  quarters 1 dime  1 nickel 1 penny? ___________________

    What   bills &  coins make $8.24     ____________________


    Reading  Choice 1  Newsela  Read, Take Quiz  & Write here what you  read about.


    Reading  Choice 2  Watch  100 Most Common English  Words : Beginner Vocabulary.  Write some of the noun words here.

    Reading  Choice 3   Read  how to upload  a photo to your  Google Classroom


    in Google Classroom, you want to "Upload" the image from your photo library

    To attach an item:

    1. Tap Add attachment.
    2. Tap Drive , Link , Upload , Take photo , or Record video .
    3. Select the attachment and tap Select.

    After  you choose  the photo you want  to show in the classroom,  What do you click on? Answer:___________


    Time  Choice  1  Khan  Academy  Assignment..   Watch video &   and do practice to help you tell  time


    Time  Choice 2  The  zoom meeting started  at 7:30 & ended at 8:15. How long  did it last?


    Time  Choice  3  Hugo works as a teller at a bank downtown. Each morning, Hugo walks 5 minutes to the subway station. The subway ride to the bank takes 10 minutes. What is the latest time Hugo can leave his house in order to be at the bank by 6:30 A.M.?


    Writing  Choice 1  Write  the names  of your job  coaches…  


    Writing Choice 2  Write a   5 sentence paragraph about  a live show you have seen


    Writing Choice 3    Spell  the names of   10 items in your kitchen

     Wednesday  April 29

    $$$  Activity  1     Counting  Money YouTube  video…. Watch &Type  what you learned

    $$$  Activity  2    Do   Consumer  Skills Quizlet  & Write down the  terms

    $$ Activity   3   How  much is  2 $1 bills    1 quarter 1  dime 1 penny?


    What   bills and  coins make  $3.37?

    Reading  Activity 1  Flocabulary….  Write the vocab  words that were highlighted in the  video Fly Over America

    Reading  Activity 2  Watch  100 Most Common English  Words : Beginner Vocabulary.  Write some of the verb words here.

    Reading Activity  3  Newsela    Write the  topic you read about


    Writing Activity 1  from Newsela  Write a fictional narrative that is based on a person, event, or idea from the text you  read in the article. Use your chosen detail as the starting point for telling a story that is meant to entertain, inform, or persuade your reader.

    Writing Activity  2  Sentence  Expansion sheet   Read the examples on the  worksheet and expand those  three sentences by answering  where, why, when or how….You can   type on the worksheet and turn in


    Writing Activity 3  List   5 stores in your  Community

    Time  Activity 1    Nina and her friends want to go to the movies on Saturday. The movie they want to see starts at 1:45 P.M. It takes 45 minutes to drive to the theater, and they want to get there 1 hour and 15 minutes before the movie starts so that they can buy tickets and snacks. What is the latest time Nina and her friends can leave for the theater?


    Time  Activity  2     If It takes  20 minutes to walk  downtown & I am meeting my  friend at 11:30; what is the  latest I need to leave by?


    Time Activity  3  Watch  time you tube  video for reading a  clock & write down 3 times you  saw


    Thurs  April 30

    $$$   Activity   1Choose   something  from   the  Math is  Fun  link .  Write  what you  worked on.

    Handling  Money,  Interest  or  Making  Money


    $$  Activity 2  Watch  Making Change … Try  The  Race to a  100.   What is your  change  from 1.00 if you owe .73?


    $$  Activity 3     How  much  is   4 $1bills, 1 quarter, 1 nickel   2  pennies? 

    What  bills and coins  make $6.39?

     Reading Activity  1  Watch  idioms video and  write  what each  means:

    Kill  2  birds  with one stone


    Hit  the hay

    Blew me  away

    Its up in the air


    Bit off more than you can chew

    Reading  Choice   2  Watch  100  Most Common English  Words :  Beginner Vocabulary.  Write some of  the verb words  here.

    Reading  Activity 3  Read  about  Call of the  Wild

    Buck is a big-hearted dog whose blissful domestic life gets turned upside down when he is suddenly uprooted from his California home and transplanted to the exotic wilds of the Alaskan Yukon in the 1890s. As the newest rookie on a mail-delivery dog sled team, Buck experiences the adventure of a lifetime as he ultimately finds his true place in the world.


    What  does it  mean  to be  uprooted?


    What  is a  rookie?

    Time Activity 1   Watch  video &  write    some  of  the  times  you  saw


    Time   Activity  2  Nes   On Tuesday afternoon at camp, Edmond did archery and sailing before dinner. He spent 1 hour on archery and 2 hours sailing. Sailing ended at 3:45 P.M., when it was time for dinner. What time did archery start?


    Time  Activity 3  What  time   is  2:30 plus  10 minutes?


    How  long is it  from 7:30 to 8:00?

    Writing 1   List  5  sports you  enjoy


    Writing 2 Write  directions on how  to perform a household task


    Writing  3 Newsela  Writing Prompt…. If  you could  have  one of  Harry’s powers, which would you have and  why.  Or  write about your reaction to the Newsela  article


    Friday   May 1

    Use   today  to  catch up on  ixl.com and  newsela  and  your epic books & CNN.
    Please  email me  what you work on or respond in Google  classroom &  let me know if you  need  usernames 


    Monday   May 4


    Writing  1     Watch  Flocabulary  video.

    What is a  complex  sentence? 


    Take  these  dependent clauses  and  write  complex sentences after them


    After I hung up the phone


    When he yelled


    Since  they talked

    Writing 2  Newsela  

    Do you have an experience that is similar to or related to the one described in the  Newsela text about unfair treatment? Write a paragraph that describes your experience

      *** Writing  3

    List these  5 names in alphabetical  order by  last name

      Josh Corvino,     Sara Callaghan,    Allison Sforza        Ross  Buffa       Sue  Donavan 

    *** Reading 1  Read along with me as I read  Chapter 1 of one of  the phonics novels that I had in my  class…  Write   something that  happened.


     *** Reading 2  Check out the  attached  screenshot  of   dining room words.  Read them &  write them.


     Reading 3  Newsela or  ixl reading Comprehension…  Write   which one you did so I can check your  progress.

     *** Math1   Next  dollars  video….   watch  and  count  dollars…  How many  dollars  do  you  need  for the  following prices?

    43 cents




    Math 2   Watch  Khan Academy % video Percent  &   do  practice


    Math 3   Example: Mary needs to cut her expenses. Problem: Mary spends $2.50 per day during the week on a coffee. How much would she save if she stopped getting her coffee at the coffee shop? Solution: $2.50 x 5 days x 52 weeks = $650 Mary would save $650 per year. Calculate how much each person would save by cutting back on the following expenses. 1. Michelle pays $85 per month for a fitness membership that she rarely uses. How much money can she save in one year if she quits the fitness centre?


    *** Time 1    It is    3:30   What  time  will it  be   in 30 minutes…   ?

    How  long  from   5:30  til  5:40 ?


    Time 2   If  you  need  to be  at  work at  9:00AM &  it  takes  20 minutes to  get there, What is  the  latest  you  should  leave?

    Time  3   Ernesto and Natalie hung out at the mall on Saturday. They spent 1 hour and 15 minutes shopping for clothes and 1 hour and 45 minutes at the food court. Then they spent 45 minutes at the video arcade before heading home. It was 3:45 P.M. when Ernesto and Natalie left the mall. What time did they start shopping for clothes?

    May  5


    Reading  1   Newsela  or  ixl.com  Reading Comprehension


    Reading  2   Follow  along as  I   to  read  aloud &  finish  Chapter 1 and  write  what happened


    Reading 3   Look at the  bedroom screen shot.  Read  and  write the  words

    $$ 1  Watch  Budgeting  Video.   Then  read the  screen shot  below the video &  answer the 2  questions about  dave

    $$ 2  Capotorto  Money  Sheets….  Type your  answers  below

    Explore  Math  video


    $$  3  Peter stops at the bagel shop to get some breakfast. He orders a bagel sandwich that costs $6.49 and a bottle of water that costs $2.29. He gives the cashier a ten-dollar bill. How much change will Peter get back?


    Time 1   You  need 30  minutes  to  shower and  dress  and  10 minutes to  eat and  another 10 minutes  to  get  organized.  What  time  is the lates  you  should  be  up  for  your 7:30AM bus?


    Time  2 is  12:30…  What  time  will it  be in 2  hours? 

    How long is it  from  3:30  to  3:45?


    Time 3  Before art class, Elizabeth has a spelling test that lasts 45 minutes. Art class lasts for 1 hour and ends at 2:15 P.M. What time does Elizabeth start the spelling test?


    Writing 1 Describe in detail one character from the Newsela text. Explain how the character's thoughts, words, or actions affect your understanding of the character and their role in the story.


    Writing 2  Write directions on how  to  do  one your  tasks at your jobsite


    Writing 3   List the  sites  where you  have  worked…  Capitalize proper nouns 


    May 6



    $$ 1   Follow along  with me as I read Explore Math 1 pages 15-16 on my  video.

     We  will count  dollars &  answer map questions  using numbers  1-12.  Excuse me  that I  said “father” at the  end instead  of  farthest.


       How  much is 3 dimes, 1 nickel  & 4  pennies?

    What  bills &  coins make $


    $$ 2  Anne goes out to lunch every Friday. On average she spends around $18 each time. How much money can she save in one year if she stops going out for lunch each week?  ( Hint:  About  how  many  weeks are  in a  year?)


    $$3 A 7-pack of frozen waffles costs $6.30. What is the unit price per  waffle? (hint:   divide)


    Reading  1  Follow  along as  I read Chapter  2  Part 1 ( not part 2   as written, sorry)


    Reading 2 Read the Kitchen words from the  screen shot then  write them below


    Reading  3 ixl Reading Comprehension or Newsela Cheesehenge..  Write  which one you do so I can  check your progress

    Writing 1   Newsela…   Use  words from  Newsela article  in  sentences…







    Writing  2  List   number  words  20- 21

    Writing 3  Write  a  message  for  someone  you  care  about  for Mother’s Day,,  Then  you can  copy  it  later  and give it to  her


    Time 1   My  virtual  knitting club  started at  8PM &  ended at  8:50.   How  long  did I  try to  knit?


     Time 2  it  is  8:30.   What time  will it be in a half  hour?

    How long is it  from  6:30  to  7:30?

    May  7

    Reading  1   Newsela Rubik’s Cube article  or  ixl.com.  Write  which you  do


    Reading 2  Finish  reading  Chapter  2  with me and  write  something that you  read


    Reading 3  Look at the  closet words and  read them  then type them


    $$  1    Count   the  letters and  boxes  with  me.  Write how many  totals  there  were


    Letters ______  Boxes______

    How much is  2 dimes   1  nickel   2  pennies?

    What  bills & coins make  $3.29


    $$ 2   watch Khan Academy  Counting  Dollars then type your answers  below


    $$ 3  Joe buys his son a Gatorade each time his son plays hockey. The Gatorade costs $2. His son usually plays 3 times a week for a half year. How much money can Joe save if he brings water from home for his son instead of buying Gatorade?  (Hint:  How  many  months is half a year?)

    Writing 1  Use each  words  from the  Rubik’s  cube Newsela  article in a  sentence







    Writing 2  List  these  dates in words






    Writing 3 Write directions for how to play Connect 4.


    Time  1   It  usually takes   Mrs  Sforza  45 minutes to get to school  without  traffic.  She  likes  to  get  to  work  by 7:00AM.  What  time  does  she leave  her  house?

    Time 2       It is  6:00 AM.   What  time  will it be in 45 minutes?

    How  long is it  from  3:00 to  3:45?

    Time 3 A train left Jodie's town and traveled for 1 hour to Washington. Then it traveled 3 hours and arrived in Springdale at 9:30 P.M. What time did the train leave Jodie's town?


    Friday   May 8

    Use   today  to  catch up on  ixl.com and  newsela  and  your epic books & CNN.
    Please  email me  what you work on or respond in Google  classroom &  let me know if you  need  usernames 
    Monday   May  11

    Writing 1   Write  a  list  of  5  things  you  need  to do  this  week. Do not include  school work.

    Writing  2  Complete  Writing  the Activity  in  Newsela.

     Reading 1  Newsela or  ixl  Reading Comprehension

    Reading  2    Summarizing  sheet.  Read  then  write your answers here

    $$  1 Watch  Khan  Academy  Video   What is  the  cost to  clean 1  room?   _______

    Poland  Spring   water is  3/$12.00   3  for $12 so what  are you  paying  for 1 case?______

    $$ 2 Lisa likes to go to one movie per week. She usually spends $12 on her ticket and $10 on a drink and popcorn. How much money would she save in one year if she went on Tuesdays when the price of a ticket was half off and she didn’t have any snacks? 

    Hints:   Figure  what the  ticket  would  cost on Tuesdays at  ½ price  and  

    Time 1 Watch elapsed  time BrainPop  video &  write down  the   movie  ending time  from the  video

    Time  2   Read Understanding  Time  Frames sheet.  Choose   3 to  on paper &  write the answers below. 


    Tuesday  May  12

    $$ 1   Watch  sales tax  youtube

    Answer:       What is  the  final  cost of  the  shirt with tax?

    $$ 2     Watch Dollars & Cents Counting Money  Video.  Use  a  paper &  pencil to   write down the amounts you  counted  &  what  bills &  coins you  used  then come back here and  type  them below.

    $$  3  Watch Dollars  & Cents   Sorting Coins  video.    Use  a  paper &  pencil to   write down the amounts you  counted  &  what  bills &  coins you  used  then come back here and  type  them below.

    Time 1  Complete  Khan Academy  Time Word  Problem practice

    Time 2  Elapsed  Time   Watch  Video & Write  2  answers  here.

    Time 3    What  time  is  8:00 plus  15 minutes?    

    How long   from  7:30- 8:30?

    Reading 1 Watch  Grocery &  Survival  Word  Video.  Write  the  words  down as you watch  then type  them

    Survival  Words

    Grocery  Words  :  Fruits

    Reading 2   Wilson  Reading Practice Video   Read  with me then  type  5 of the phrases

    Reading 3   Newsela or  ixl.com Reading Comprehension

    Writing 1  Write   the  days  of the week ..  Spell &  capitalize  correctly

    Writing 2 Newsela   Writing  Prompt..  You could  have  written it in Newsela  or   here.

    Writing 3   Read  the   Sorting Practice   attached PDF.  Then write them  below

    Breakfast                  lunch            dinner

    Your most to least favorite vegetables


    Wednesday  May  13

    May   13  classwork

    Time 1  watch  Telling Time youtube video with paper &  pencil.  It is a little long but helpful.   Write Some  answers here.

    Time 2    Elapsed Time Practice  video.  Answer  1________    Answer  2________

    Time 3 Nate got home from school at 2:15 P.M. and played video games for 15 minutes. Then he helped clean the kitchen for 15 minutes and spent 45 minutes finishing his homework. What time was it when Nate finished his homework?

    Reading 1  Watch  survival  word & Grocery  word  video. Type  words  below

    Survival Words:

    Grocery  Words:

    Wilson  Reading Practice..  Read  double  letter  phrases  &   write  them

    Reading 2  ixl.com  or  Newsela..  Write  which you  did

    Reading 3   Read  Home  Repairs  and  list  repairs  below

    $$  1  Watch  coin Practice  video   with paper and pencil  then type  your  answers below

    $$2  Watch Spending  Money video  with paper  &  pencil then  type your answers  below..  The  program  suddenly  stopped on me at the  end.. Sorry

    $$3   Read attached  sales  tax  PDF.  Choose  3  &  Write  your  answers  below

    Writing 1  Newsela Writing  Prompt…  Answer in Newsela

    Writing 2  Type  your  personal information below

    First Name

    Last Name

    Street  Address

    City/ Town


    Phone #

    Date of Birth

    Writing 3  Read  Writing  Easy  Confused  words  PDF  with  paper &  pencil  then  write  your  12  answers  below.

    May  14

    Reading      Newsela  or  ixl.com   Write  which  you  did

    Reading   survival    word &  Grocery  store  video

    Write  words

    Reading   Wilson  Reading Practice

    Write  what  you  read  below

    Reading    Read  below &  choose main idea

    To Stand or Not to Stand?

    In 2016, Vallecito Elementary School in San Rafael, California, became the first U.S. school to replace all of its ordinary desks with raised desks that students stand at. Speaking to a reporter from TIME for Kids magazine, one student at the school gave the standing desks high praise. "You feel happier, you're less tired, and you're more active," she said. According to several studies, children working at standing desks burn more calories and are more focused on tasks. However, some teachers and parents are opposed to the change. They are concerned that standing for long periods of time could cause fatigue, strain on the legs and feet, or posture problems. In addition, standing desks are more expensive than seated desks. Only time will tell whether standing desks will prove to be the next big trend or a failed experiment.

    What is the main idea of the passage?

    Studies have shown that standing desks help students focus on their schoolwork while being more active.

    Some people say that standing desks promote good study habits, but others are wary about the new desks.


    Writing   Newsela   Writing  assignment  in Newsela….  Watch  sign language  youtube  video  and  share  what you  learned if  you want 

    Writing Write  the months of the year.  Capitalize and spell  correctly


    Writing  Write a  list  of  what you  plan to do  when social distancing is  over


    Time Choose  2  questions  from Reading a  bus  schedule  pdf and  answer  below


    Time  watch   my elapsed  time card video  and  write answers below


    Time  Write  what you  are   usually doing  for these  times

    9:00  AM

    1:30 PM

    7:00 PM

    10:00 PM





    $$  Choose  2  problems  from  Correct  Change PDF..  Write  answers  below &  write   the    bills and  coins for your change


    $$   Watch  youtube  tip video the  figure tip  for these 2 prices &  add tip  to  the price...




    $$  watch   Dollars  &  Cents  Practice  vending machine  video and  write your answers  below


    May  15

    Work  in ixl.com and Newsla


    May  18

    $$     Read  attached Everyday  Math  Skills  Workbook page 14  Time  Cards


      Read  carefully & Fill in  below


    Monday Total Hours

    Tuesday  Total Hours

    Wed  Total Hours

    Thursday Total  Hours

    Friday  Total Hours

    Saturday Total Hours

    Sunday  Total  Hours

    Total Hours______    (Hours  over 40 are overtime)

    Total  Regular Hours________   x  $15.00  =_______

    Total  Overtime Hours______   x$22.50=_________

    Total    $


    1.  2  weeks  $
    2. 4 weeks    $
    3. 1 year       $


    $$  watch Explore  Math  $$

    How  much money is left after Dominick buys the sunglasses?

    How many  cookies are  left for the jar?


    $$  Read  Meaningful Math Car wash pdf.  Write  2  answers below



    Time  Watch  Explore  Math Time video

    What time is  swim practice?

    What  time is golf?

    How long did Jamal practice?

    How long did Jamal practice in a week?

    Time  Watch  Khan Academy Time Differences Example Video &  write  the  time difference below


    Time  Read  Understanding the value  of Time PDF &  choose  3  to  answer  below


    Reading  ixl.com or  Newsela   Write  which you  did


    Reading  Read  Community  Reading  Car .  Type the  6 vocabulary  words  from page 2  below.

    Reading Wilson Reading Practice  Watch & write 3 phrases that you read 



    Tired of looking at bare walls behind you during your many daily Zoom calls? You can liven up your next call with a background of a lush Southern New Jersey vineyard, or the green mountains of North West New Jersey or a picturesque lighthouse along the shore. These Zoom backgrounds, along with virtual tours of museums, a Spotifly playlist of New Jersey artists, games like New Jersey bingo and other activities, are part of the New Jersey Division of Travel and Tourism’s New Jersey in the House! digital hub.


    What  NJ  sites  can you  put  on your Zoom background?

    Writing   Read  Number Words on Checks  PDF &  write  answers  to  A  &  C













    Writing  Write  a list  of  what to have a Memorial Day picnic


    Writing    Look up & Write  the  addresses of  your  job sites

    May  19

     Reading  Newsela or ixl.com


    Reading  Reread  attached Riding in a Car  PDF  &  write answers to page  7  quiz  below

    Read  Wilson  Practice..  Write  2  sentences you  read.

    Read  below.. Which  game would you like to try?


    Family game recommendations

    From Tiki Tiki Board Games owner Ryan Morrison. We’ve listed Amazon. com price and link but encourage you to call your local toy store to see if it has the game in stock.

    Cinco Linko The goal of Cinco Linko is to connect five of your colored tiles in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row. It’s a simple, yet technique-driven game. “We usually start or end our game nights with it,” said Morrison. “It’s like tic-tac-toe but with more variation.”

    Costs $7.88 on Amazon.com.

    Take Five

    Take Five is a reprint of the German games 6 nimmt and X nimmt. In each card game, you attempt to score as few points as possible by placing cards down to get rid of your own cards and beat out other players. “It’s an unpredictable numbers game,” said Morrison.

    Costs $13.16 on Amazon.com.


    In Splendor, players try to build their jewel empire by buying gem mines, shops and means of transportation. The more you acquire, the more points you get.

    Costs $31.39 on Amazon.com.

    Can’t Stop

    Can’t Stop is an old game from the ‘80s where you have to press your luck by rolling dice and laying claim to columns on the game board. Players can keep rolling the dice until they choose to end their turn -- the more they roll the more they can win or lose.

    Costs $15 used on Amazon.com.

    Time Khan Academy   Complete Time  Differences Practice.  Write  answers  below.


    Time watch  Explore Math Time Practice video  and  write  the  2  answers below


    Time  Vincent made a cake for his mother's birthday. He started making the cake batter at 8:00 A.M. It took 1 hour and 15 minutes to make the batter. Then, the cake baked in the oven for 1 hour. What time did the cake come out of the oven?

    $$  Watch  May 19  Next  Dollar  Practice &  Write   amounts    below

    $$ Watch store  Flyer video.   Choose  3   questions & write  answers  below

    $$  Khan  Academy multi step  word  problems  practice.. 



    Write  Survival  words  from PDF    Write  the  words  below


    Writing   Read  the   Taking a a message  PDF  &   type  your brief message  below


    Write a  haiku poem

    1st  line is  5   syllables

    2nd  line is 7  syllables

    3rd line is  5  syllables


     Love my small lake home

    Swimming, boating, on the lake

    Watch the sun go down


    May  20

     Reading  Newsela or ixl.com Reading Comprehension


    Reading  Read    Community  Reading Riding  in a  Car &  type  answers  to  3 questions on page  21 below


    Reading:  Read  below

    Setting a goal is easy – the challenge is sticking to it. Here are your top tips for sticking to your goals: First and foremost, create SMART goals. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.


    Specific: Your goal needs to be specific to you. It needs to be clear and identify what you want to achieve, why you want to achieve it.

    Measurable: Your goal should be measurable in terms of what you are trying to achieve. It needs to encompass a measurement that you can work toward to gauge progress. Whether that be committing to exercise three times a week, losing a certain amount of weight or achieving a time at a future event.

    Achievable: Your goal needs to be achievable. You need to want to achieve your goal and believe in yourself to succeed.

    Realistic: Your goal must be realistic. If you have never run before, then setting a goal to run a marathon in four weeks is not realistic. Review the timeframe in which you wish to achieve your goal and use this as a base. Setting short-term benchmarks along the way will help keep you on track with your long-term goal.

    Time-based: You need a deadline/ time in which you will accomplish each goal. Having a set time frame will facilitate adherence and consistency and support your success.

      Answer:     How  can you  stick to your goals?

    Reading   Read  Wilson Paragraph &  write  a sentence from the reading.


    $$ Watch  coin practice  wheel  video &  type   coins  for the  amounts.  Then  type  the  amounts


    $$ Watch  Discount  Practice video with  calculator, pencil & paper.    Answer  3  questions below.


    Extra  Math Practice  if  you   want...  Khan  Academy  Fractions in Context


    Time  Watch  Explore Math  Time video,  Write   2 of the  answers  below


    Time  Watch  Elapsed  Time Practice video &  type  2  answers  below


    Time / Measurement 

    To celebrate the Fourth of July, Emmy has invited some friends over for her famous grilled chicken. Emmy's secret is to use 6 fluid ounces of lemon-garlic marinade for every pound of chicken. If Emmy plans to grill 4 pounds of chicken, how many cups of marinade should she make?

    Hint: There are 8 fluid ounces in 1 cup.


    Writing…  Look at attached  Writing Numbers  PDF.   Write  the  6  answers  below.










    Writing…  Read  attachedForm Vocabulary  PDF  with a  paper &  pencil.  Then type  your  answers  below  for the ones you  know…

    •                  7.
    •                  8.
    •                  9.
    •                  10.
    •                  11.
    •                  12.

    May  27

    Time/ Measurement:  Keith is on the diving team at school. The platform he uses is about 5 yards above the pool. On his best dive, he jumps an extra foot in the air before doing a flip. How many feet is he from the pool at the highest point of his jump?   

    Hint :  How many  feet are in a yard?  Also  add the extra foot



    Time  watch  Elapsed Time Video &  write  2  answers below    You  should be  writing  how long?  Not a  time.




    Time/ $$  Watch  the Explore  Math Time & Money video &  write some of your  answers below.

    $$  Read Finding Percent PDF and  write  2  answers  from  each of the 2  activities below. Choose  2   from 1-6  then  choose 2  from 7-9

    $$  Read  Meaningful Math Health Club PDF and  write 2 answers below. 

    “Each”  usually means  multiply if the  answer  will be  bigger or  divide if the answer  will be  smaller.   In this problem the answer  will be smaller  because  each  family  member  will pay  less than $100.  You  need  the  1st answer to solve  #2..  Usually when you are  asked how much you  save you  will subtract.


    Reading  ixl.com Reading Comprehension or  Newsela.. Take the  quiz.  Write which you  did.

    Reading   Read Picture Reading National Parks video with me  and  write  some words you learned.

    Reading   Read Wilson phrases video with me  and  write some of the  phrases  you read





    Le French Dad Boulangerie, Montclair

    If Arben Gasi’s breads are good enough for Le Faubourg in Montclair, one of New Jersey’s best French restaurants, it’s good enough for me. Actually it’s more than good. It’s pretty darn terrific. There are 10 varieties. Know that Gasi gets his ingredients from nearby farms — except for his butter, which is imported from France. Want a fresh-baked baguette that sports a bagel’s “everything” spices? What about honey spelt cranberry almond made with organic rye and spelt? Just order online. But if you’d like to try your hand at making bread yourself, you can pick up eggs, flour and milk at the shop.

    Go: 10 Church St., Montclair; 973-746-0288, lefrenchdad.com.

    Answer:  Where  does  the owner  get his  ingredients  from?


    Writing   List  what you  did over the long weekend


     Writing  Write a  paragraph about  1  thing you did over the  break.

    A paragraph is 5  sentences

    1st sentence:  Introduction

    For example “ I had a great time in my backyard this weekend.”

    Sentences  2-4  Write  3  sentences  about  sentence #1

    For  example  Write  3  sentences about  what you did in your backyard.

    Sentence 5..  Conclusion   This can be a   sentence baout how you  felt or hope for the future

    For example  “It felt ……”    or  “ I  hope”   “ Hopefully”    “Maybe “  “It was..”


    There  should not be  squiggly lines under your  words because that  means you  have a  spelling or  punctuation mistake or  something is  worded   strangely so  fix  it… 

     Check for  COPS  Capitalization,  Overall Appearance,   Punctuation & Spelling.


    Write your paragraph below.


    May 28

    $$  Read the attached  Money Math workbook pages 21-22  Calculating Wages &  answer page  22 A & B  below


    $$ Watch  Explore Budgeting  Coffee  Shop  Video and  write  your  answers below


    $$  Watch  Explore Math  $$ Coin Practice  Video..  Count coins with me. Then type answers  below


    Khan Academy  Extra  Practice Word Problems  with  Decimals if  you  want to try..


    Writing   Look at  Cursive  PDF  and  practice your  signature.  You  can  take a photo and share it with me if you want.


    Writing   Look  at  Holiday  Month  PDF.  Choose  3  Holidays & type  them below and write which month they are in


    Writing   Watch  CNN  News and  write 3  sentences about  what  you saw.  Please  check for COPS..  No squiggly lines !!!


    Time  Watch   Counting by  5’s  Around the Clock video and  write  #’s (numbers) Counting by  5’s    5-60  below.


    Time watch Elapsed Time Practice  Video &  write  how  long  between  2 times  below

    1.                                                           2.


    Time/ Measurement

    Tamir loves to cook with fresh herbs. So, he decides to plant 8 different herbs and keep the small pots on his kitchen windowsill. He starts with a 4-pound bag of soil and puts the same amount of soil in each pot. If he uses all of the soil, how many ounces does he add to each pot?   

    ____  oz.


    Hint: There are  16 oz in a pound so  multiply 1st … Then  divide….


    Reading  ixl.com Reading Comprehension or Newsela.  Write  which you did.


    Reading   Watch  Wilson Video.  Read with me then  write  some of the phrases


    Reading Watch  Sight  word video &  Write  the   5  words below


    Reading   Read  from last  Wednesday’s The Record

    And now for something completely different. NJ Audubon’s famed Cape May Spring Festival will be one of the first virtual birding events ever.

    Every May since the late 1970s, the festival has drawn hundreds and hundreds of nature lovers. The attraction: an incredible array of migrating warblers and shorebirds in one of world's premier birding destinations.

    But with the Covid-19 storm clouds hanging over all major gatherings, NJ Audubon will present the event live online via Zoom Pro on Saturday, May 23, and Sunday, May 24.

    The virtual festival will feature the top bird-watching locations, identification workshops, a question-and-answer panel, and keynote talks. The goal is to make birders and others appreciate Cape May even more and to attract them after the current situation ends.

    “For this festival, you don’t need rain gear,” says Ewald. “You don’t need bug spray. You don’t need to worry about maps or getting to a place. You don’t even need binoculars. You can just stay at home, relax, and enjoy birds and birding in Cape May.”


     Answer:  What are some advantages  of the  virtual  bird watching  event? (Hint:  last  paragraph)


    May  29


    Students  are  to  work in ixl.com or  Newsela today



    Jun 1

    Reading  Newsela  or  ixl.com Reading Comprehension.  Write  which you did.


    Reading Watch  Wilson Practice Video &  type  2  phrases you read


    Reading  Watch  Attainment  Crossing the Street  Video &  Write  vocabulary  words below


    Writing   Watch  CNN10 and  write  3  sentences about what you learned.  COPS


    Write the name of 3  streets near your house.


    Write  3  things you  need to   do  this  week  besides  school.


    $$  Watch  Explore  Math  $$  video  and  write your answers  below


    $$  Watch Calculating  Wages  Video &  Write  answers  1 &  2  below


    $$ Abby needs to buy  a bottle of shampoo for $4.17 as well as a bar of soap for $3.69. Should  she  pay  with a  $10 or $20 bill? What  bills &  coins  will she  get as change?

    Time  Watch  Explore Math  Time  Video and  write answers  below


    Time  Watch  Elapsed Time Video &  write 2  answers  below


    Time   Julia hiked to a famous point with a beautiful view. It took 2 hours and 15 minutes to hike to the viewpoint and 45 minutes to hike back. Julia spent 1 hour and 30 minutes enjoying the view at the top. She finished the hike at 11:45 A.M. What time did Julia start the hike to the viewpoint?


    June 2

    Do      Reading      $$     Time &  Writing


    Reading    Do Newsela  or  ixl.com Reading Comprehension. Write  which you  did


    Reading  Watch  Attainment  Crossing the Street video.  Write  red vocabulary  words below.


    Reading Watch Wilson  Reading video and   type phrases  below.


    $$ Watch  Explore Math video.  Write answers  below


    $$ Watch  Calculating Wages  video.  Write  answers  below.


    $$  Read Meaningful Math Burger Time PDF.  Write   2  answers  below.  Remember you subtract  to determine how much you save  for #2.


    $$ Khan  Academy  Money  Algebra if you want to  try. ( Optional)


    Time Watch  Explore Math  Time video.  Write  answers below


    Time  Watch Elapsed Time video.   Write  how many  hours and/or minutes are  between  the  times. Do  not  write  the times




    Time Read Using A Bus Schedule  PDF.  Choose 2 questions to answer below,  Increments are increases in time.


    Writing. Watch  CNN and   write   3  sentences about  what you  learned


    Write  the name  of the city & state where you were born,


    Write directions  from your  house to a  park.  

    Word bank:   turn   left    right   continue    blocks   street










    JUne  3

    Reading   ixl.com Reading Comprehension or Newsela.  Write which you did


    Reading   watch  Wilson Video and   write the phrases


    Reading watch Attainment Reading  video and   write   quiz answers  below


    Time   Watch  Explore Time video and write answers below


    Time   Watch  Elapsed Time  video  please  write  how  long between each of the  2  times

    1.                                                     2.


    Time: Florence toured New York City with her family. They started their tour at 2:00 P.M. at the Empire State Building, where they spent 1 hour. They spent 2 hours and 15 minutes in Central Park and 45 minutes in Times Square before dinner. What time was it when Florence and her family went to dinner?


    $$  Watch  Explore $$  Video and write your  answers below


    $$ Watch  Calculating wages  video &  write your answers below


    $$  Read CVS  PDF

    If you buy  Nesquik and orange juice, how  much are you paying for each? (Hint:  divide)

    How much  is   Raisin Bran & coffee? 

    What is your change   from $10.00  ?

    What  bills & coins is that?


    Write the names of   3  stores in your   community.


    Writing  Write a  paragraph about your  home. 

    Please   read...

    A paragraph is 5  sentences

    1st sentence:  Introduction

    For example “ I had a great time in my backyard this weekend.”

    Sentences  2-4  Write  3  sentences  about  sentence #1

    For  example  Write  3  sentences about  what you did in your backyard.

    Sentence 5..  Conclusion   This can be a   sentence about how you  felt or hope for the future

    For example  “It felt ……”    or  “ I  hope”   “ Hopefully”    “Maybe “  “It was..”

    There  should not be  squiggly lines under your  words because that  means you  have a  spelling or  punctuation mistake or  something is  worded   strangely so  fix  it… 

     Check for  COPS  Capitalization,  Overall Appearance,   Punctuation & Spelling.


    Write your paragraph below.


    Writing  Correct  the  spelling  errors and write  the  correct spelling  below

     My home is a smal cape cod house in a  lake comunity.   I enjoy sitting on my front porch  becase I can  see the lake acros the street.  There is a patio in the backyard where we can sit aound the fire pit. There is a woodshop in the basment  that has many tools.  There are  many trees  close to my house.  I  sometimes get nervus when it is very windy. I love livng near a lake!


    June 4

    Reading   ixl.com Reading Comprehension or Newsela.  Write which you did


    Reading   watch  Wilson Video and   write a couple of  phrases you  read


    Reading watch Attainment Reading  video and   write   quiz answers  below


    Time   Watch  Explore Time video and write answers below


    Time   Watch  Elapsed Time  video  please  write  how  long between each of the  2  times

    1.                                                     2.


    Time:  Converting Units of Time  Khan Academy  Assignment

    $$  Watch  Explore $$  Video and write your  answers below.  It is good practice for giving the  next  dollar or  dollar more.


    $$ Watch  Calculating wages  video &  write your answers below


    $$  Read CVS  candy PDF

    How  much   would  2 packs of  Skittles and  2 M&Ms  cost?

    What is  your change  from $10?

    Write the  names & phone #s of  your  emergency  contacts.  Who  would  be  called if you  needed  help


    Writing  Write a  paragraph about your  favorite holiday 

    Please   read...

    A paragraph is 5  sentences

    1st sentence:  Introduction

    For example “ My  favorite holiday is.”

    Sentences  2-4  Write  3  sentences  about  sentence #1

    For  example  Write  3  sentences about  what you  do on  the holiday.

    Sentence 5..  Conclusion   This can be a   sentence about how you  felt or hope for the future

    For example  “It felt ……”    or  “ I  hope”   “ Hopefully”    “Maybe “  “It was..”

    There  should not be  squiggly lines under your  words because that  means you  have a  spelling or  punctuation mistake or  something is  worded   strangely so  fix  it… 

     Check for  COPS  Capitalization,  Overall Appearance,   Punctuation & Spelling.


    Write your paragraph below.





    Writing    Read Which Homophone PDF &  write 8  answers below.

    Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings.


    Jun 5

    ixl.com or  Newsela Practice 


    Jun 8

    $$  Watch  Making Change Lesson Video and  write your  change.  Check out the chart! It is a cool way to visualize your change.


    $$  Watch  Counting $$ Video and  write your  4 answers  below


    $$  watch  Khan  Academy  Budget  Video and  take notes.   Write  something you learned 


    Time Watch Time & Time Difference. Write 3  times. If you can,  use the calculator to write the answers to the 4 questions


    Time  Watch elapsed Time video and  write  your  2  answers below.


    Time  Nick is going on a vacation to Australia. His flight leaves at 8:55 A.M. It takes 40 minutes to get to the airport, and Nick wants to be at the airport 1 hour before his flight leaves. What is the latest time that Nick can leave for the airport?


    Reading  ixl.com or  Newsela.  Write  which you did.


    Reading  Watch  Wilson video and  write  a  sentence you read


    Reading  watch  Reading Packing for a the Beach  and list  some of the things you  packed


    Write  3  restaurants in your  community that you can order takeout from. Capitalize their names

    Write the  steps you  need  to  do in order to clean your  room. Use  words like   first,  next, then finally


    Write  a  paragraph about hope.  Remember,  a  paragraph is  5  sentences.  No  squiggly lines.


    Jun 9

    Do  1  Reading  activity


    Do  Newsela or  ixl.com Reading  Comprehension.  Write  what you  did.


    Watch  Wilson  Reading Video & Write what  you  read


    Watch  Pancakes Sound  Good Video and  write the  3  signs you learned


    Do 1  $$ activity


    Watch Explore Math Video and write how much money is left.


    Read Jun  9 PDF ad and answer  2  questions below

    1. What  would you pay for a year renting the Dumont apartment?  Remember it says that the 1st month is free.  Hint: How many months are in a year?
    2. How much cheaper is  the Lodi Circle apartment than the 1 bedroom apartment in Hawthorne Gardens? 


    Watch  Khan Academy  video and  take notes,  Write something you learned.


    Do 1 Time  activity


    Watch  elapsed  time video  and  write  how  long it is between  the   2  times?

    1.                                                       2.


    What  Explore  Time Video & write your answers below


    Answer:  Eric needs to be at work at 6:30 A.M. It takes him 15 minutes to get ready in the morning and 1 hour to drive to work. What is the latest time Eric can get up in the morning without being late for work?


    Do 1 Writing Activity


    List What  you would  need  to pack  for a weekend of camping.


    List 3  skills  you  have.  3  things  you  do well.

    Correct my  spelling &  write  corrected   words  below

     This  wekend I  went on my  boat on the  lake near my house .   It was  sunny  but chilly so I  worr a sweatshirt.  Then  my mom  came to vist and  we  sat on my  porch.  We  talked about our hopes  for the sumer.  I plan to go see my sister next Satrday.

    Jun 10

    Do  1  Reading Activity


    Newsela or ixl.com Reading Comprehension.   Write  what you  did


    Watch Wilson  video .   Write a phrase you  read


    Watch Pancakes  Sound  Good  video again  &  write  the  word that you learned that began  with “R”


    Do  1  Time  Activity


    Watch Elapsed  Time  Video and   write  how  many  minutes  between each of the 2  times

    1.                                                            2.


    Watch  Explore  Math Time  video  with a pencil and paper  &  write the  7  answers  below


    Answer  Aisha and her puppy are both dressing up as superheroes for Halloween this year. Aisha needs 1 yard of cloth for her cape. She also needs 1 foot of cloth for her puppy's cape. How many feet of cloth should she buy for their capes? 

     Hint  There are 3  feet in a yard.


    Do  1   $$ Activity


    Watch  Explore Math $$  video  and  write  what  coins  you  need  for  each  amount.


    Read   Meaningful  Math PDF  and  write the   2  answers  below.


    Watch   Khan Academy  video and  write   answer  to  discount  word  problems


    Do 1  Writing  Activity


    Read  Jun 10  Writing  PDF &  write answers  to B  below


    Write a  the  names  of the  12  months  spelling  them  correctly.

    Write a paragraph  about  fairness.

      Read  this  first

    A paragraph is 5  sentences

    1st sentence:  Introduction sentence  what you are writing about

    Sentences  2-4  Write  3  sentences  about  sentence #1  with  examples

    Sentence 5..  Conclusion   This can be a   sentence about how you  felt or hope for the future

    For example  “It felt ……”    or  “ I  hope”   “ Hopefully”    “Maybe “  “It was..”

    There  should not be  squiggly lines under your  words because that  means you  have a  spelling or  punctuation mistake or  something is  worded   strangely so  fix  it… 

     Check for  COPS  Capitalization,  Overall Appearance,   Punctuation & Spelling.


    Write your paragraph below.


    Jun 11

    Do  1  Reading  Activity


    Do  Newsela  article or  ixl.com Reading Comprehension practice


    Read & Answer

    No Drain Microwave:

    1. Pour Macaroni into 1 1/2 or 2 quart microwavable bowl. Add 1 3/4 cups hot water.
    2. Microwave, uncovered, on high 8 to 10 minutes or until water is absorbed, stirring every 3 minutes.
    3. Add 1/4 cup margarine, 1/4 cup milk and Cheese Sauce Mix; mix well. Makes about 3 cups.

    Answer:  Do you cover the  dish in the microwave?


    Watch  Wilson Video &  write  something  you  read  below

    Watch Pancakes  Sound  Good  video again  &  write  what  Juan had for breakfast and what  you  like to order for breakfast

    Do  1  $$  Activity


    Read   Making Change  PDF and  answer  3  questions below


    Watch Khan Academy  Rounding Decimals Word Problems video.  Take notes and  write what  you learned


    Watch Explore Math   $$ Video & write your answers below.

    Do  1  Time Activity


    Read Elapsed Time PDF.   Write the  times and  write how long between the times


    Watch Explore Math Time Video &  Write the  times  below



    Do  1  Writing  Activity


    Write  the names of  the 7 days of the  week


    Finish  the  sentences

    I  look out  my  window and  see……

    I  wonder if…………


    Write  directions for making something  for breakfast.


    Write a  paragraph about  strength.  Refer to  the  attached  sheet about how to write a paragraph


    Jun 12

    Work  in ixl.com or  Newsela

    Jun 15

    Do a  Reading Activity


    Read & answer

    Duck Donuts is making its way to Bergen County. The gourmet doughnut shop is set to open two new locations. One of the locations is Sprout Brook Shopping Center in Paramus.

    The warm delicious and made-to-order doughnuts, as they have coined themselves, will be neighbors to other shops and eateries including Smashburger.

    Duck Donuts was founded in 2007 in Duck, North Carolina. Founder Russell A. DiGilio, was on vacation with his family in Duck, NC. The family noticed there was nowhere to get a fresh doughnut, so they decided to create their own.

    Duck Donuts has 87 locations across the U.S. and five locations in New Jersey in Avalon, Clark, Green Brook, Marlton, and Middletown.

    How many years  ago  was   Duck Donuts founded?  


     Newsela article or ixl.com Reading Comprehension

    Watch Wilson Video and  write the title

    Read   Survival  Words  PDF  &  Write  the  Words


    Do a  Writing Activity

    Read   Survival  Words  PDF  &  Write  the  Words

    Read the  How to Write a Paragraph document and write a paragraph about summer.

    Write   directions on how to make pizza







    Do a  $$  Activity

    Watch Explore $ Video &  Write  answers below

    Watch Khan Academy video & Take notes & write what you learned

    Watch  counting back change  youtube video.

    1. What  you should do with the money given?
    2.  How  much  change was  counted back?


    Do a Time / Measurement Activity

    Watch Explore Time video and  write your answer

    Watch Elapsed Time video and write your 2 answers

    At soccer camp, Terrell spent 2 hours and 15 minutes practicing defense and 1 hour and 45 minutes shooting. If the camp ended at 3:30 P.M., what time did it start?


    Jun  16

    Do a  Time / Measurement  Activity


    Watch Khan Academy Video on Telling Time and  Answer  the  7 questions


    Watch Khan Academy  Converting Feet to Yards Video & Write  answer below


    Watch Dollars & Time Video . Write what time the 1st &  3rd clocks show

    Do a Reading Activity


    Do Newsela or ixl Reading Comprehension


    Watch Reading Video ( It is Wilson Reading) &  write phrases


    Watch  Frequency Words Video & write  6  words  below.

    Do a $$  Activity


    Read June 16 Money Practice PDF and write answers  for #4-8 below


    Watch Dollar & Time video.   Write how many dollars are needed  for the 2  amounts.


    Watch  Khan Academy Multiplication in Real Word video then answer Multiplication in Contexts 7 questions


    Do a Writing Activity


    Write  your signature in Cursive.  Use  the  Cursive  PDF if you  need &  share if you can


    Look  up  this idiom &  write its  meaning.

    He  missed the boat.


    Write a paragraph about a hobby you have.   Please  read the How to write a paragraph   document


    Jun 17

    Do a  Time / Measurement  Activity


    Complete Khan Academy  Telling Time Review


    Watch  Khan Academy   Distance Video then answer Estimating Length questions.


    Watch   Explore  Time video & write your  answers below

    Do  a  $$  Activity


    Watch  Khan Academy   Division Word Problems Video & Write answer then  answer multiplication &  division word problems


    Watch  Shopping  Video and  write the  amounts you matched


    Watch  Budgeting  video with a  pencil & calculator.   Listen  carefully.  I made an error then corrected myself…


    Do a  Reading  Activity


    Watch June  17  Words to Learn video  &  write  words  below


    Watch  Wilson video & Write  phrases  below


    Do  Newsela or  ixl. Reading Comprehension


    Do  a Writing  Activity


    Spell  number  words 20-30 correctly

    20  twenty                 26

    21                              27

    22                               28

    23                               29

    24                               30



    Look  at Writing  Check  words  PDF &  write the   5  amounts


    Write   directions on how to play your  favorite board game


    Jun 18

    Do a   Time/ Measurement Activity


    Go to  Khan Academy  Assignment &  answer 7  problems Telling Time to the hour & half hour


    Watch June 17  Measurement  Video &  Write answers  below


    Watch  YouTube  Video  for elapsed Time & write the answers  for the chart


    Answer  Isabelle and her sister watched an action movie that was 2 hours and 45 minutes long. After the movie, they played soccer in the backyard for 30 minutes. When they came in from playing soccer, it was 5:15 P.M. What time did Isabelle and her sister start watching the movie?


    Do a   Reading  Activity


    Do  Newsela or ixl.com Reading Comprehension


    Watch  Wilson  video and write  the title of the passage


    Watch  Kitchen Safety  Video &  write answers to 3  questions below.


    Do   a $$   Activity


    Watch  Next Dollar  Video &  write  the   $$ amount that each price will round up to.


    Read  Wietecha An Afternoon Matinee  PDF & complete School Clothes Sale 4 page 6 1-5

    & Orders page 10.  Just write the change

    Watch  Khan Academy Decimal Place Value Video & write an example of what you learned.


    Do a Writing Activity


    Practice your signature in cursive.   See cursive  PDF  if you need. Share it if you can.


      Complete this  sentence .Write a paragraph

    “The most beautiful thing in the world is…..”  


    Check out the How to write a paragraph  document if you need


    List as many types of  seafood that you can.

    Jun 19

    Students  should work in ixl.com or Newsela

    Jun 22

    Happy Last day of school !!! Your writing today is to share a comment to wish our STRIVE graduates well & also wish happiness to all those moving on from STRIVE!! We will certainly miss you !!!

    Josh Bueesser

    I am also posting some videos that you can comment on on your documents. Watch 1 or 2 & write what you learned.
































































     The District recognizes the importance of homework as part of the educational process and has adopted policy #2330, which establishes homework guidelines.  Homework posted on the website is as current as practically possible, is subject to revision, and serves as a weekly guide for students and parents.