If your child has been given Oral Placement Therapy Tools (OPT Tools), here is what you need to know.
    1. It is important to always have 2 large ziploc bags for speech therapy. One marked clean and one marked dirty. These bags will need to be changed weekly.
    2. Your child will have speech and I will use these tools inside of the mouth. I will place them in the dirty bag, it will be the PARENT(s) responsibility to disinfect the tools.
    3. The tools cannot be placed in the dishwasher. You must hand wash the tools. Soak the tools for 10 minutes, EXCLUDING battery operated tools (see #4.) The best cleaning solutions are Pure Green 24 or Clorox Bleach free Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner, both of which can be bought at www.amazon.com.
    4. Battery operated tools (Jiggler and Zvibe ) can be wiped down with rubbing alcohol and then wiped with a damp paper towel.
    5. All tools must be left out to dry before being placed in the CLEAN bag.  If the tools are placed in wet, mold will form and we will have to discard the tools. 
    I cannot use the therapy tools is they are not disinfected properly. We will also refrain from using the tools if your child is severely congested or recovering from an illness. Rest assured we will work on other speech and language goals and resume use of the tools as soon as they are feeling better.
    I appreciate cooperation so that we can perform OPT safely and consistently , THANK YOU so much !