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Dr. Letizia Pantoliano


All people, especially children, learn by being active participants in the learning process.

All teachers should select instructional strategies that maximize student motivation and learning.

All programs, courses of study, should be relevant, challenging and stimulating to the students for which they are designed.

  • Children are our most important asset; their safety, health and welfare must come first. It is the obligation of the school to provide role models so that students may learn, through example, to become positive, self-motivating human beings. Academics is only a part of the process; emotional intelligence is also necessary for the development of a contributing member of society. Intellect, without compassion and understanding, is not a strong enough foundation for living a fruitful life. Education is not only of the mind, but of the entire person - heart and soul. Educators are charged with the responsibility of molding human beings. If children are shown love, support, compassion and understanding, they will grow to be productive individuals, who are able to express the same qualities, which were exhibited to them. They will also develop the self-worth needed to be academically successful.

    Education is the most valuable tool we can provide our youth. All children can be educated; however, they learn what they live. Unfortunately, we are unable to control all the life experiences of our students, yet we can provide them with the intelligence, both academic and emotional, needed to cope with these experiences. I believe that I have the vision and expertise to transform this philosophy into reality. A few of my career highlights are:

    ➢ Central office administrative experience in pre-K – 12 districts

    ➢ Director of Curriculum and Instruction,

    ➢ Assistant Superintendent,

    ➢ Business Administrator

    ➢ Superintendent

    • Current member of the Cliffside Park Board of Education
    • A demonstrated commitment to parent and community engagement
    • Administrative experience at elementary, middle and high school levels
    • Expertise in facility and plant management such as repairing aging facilities,
    building additions onto existing schools and using modular buildings to increase
    • Practical and theoretical knowledge of curriculum, instruction, assessment and
    professional development
    • Proven track record of increasing learning for every student
    • Expertise with short and long-range educational and facilities planning
    • Excellent knowledge of school finance and budgets

    I spent my career teaching mathematics in a multi-cultural junior/senior high school, a portion of which was spent as coordinator of the mathematics department, then moved into middle school administration, district-wide leadership and ultimately the superintendent position. In addition, I have furthered my own education by receiving a doctorate from Teacher’s College, Columbia University, Inquiry Program, which has truly allowed me to study and explore educational policy, current issues and trends in public education. Through these associations and experiences, I feel that I am prepared to make a significant contribution to Ridgefield Schools. I look forward to working with this outstanding community for the betterment of its children.


    Letizia Pantoliano, Ed. D