• Board of Education Members 
Ms. Rosemary Huzovic Board President rhuzovic@ridgefieldschools.com
Mr. Andrew Grippa Board Vice President agrippa@ridgefieldschools.com
Mr. Ralph Morilla Trustee rmorilla@ridgefieldschools.com
Ms. Claudia Narvaez Trustee cnarvaez@ridgefieldschools.com
Ms. Maryam Juliet Inan Trustee minan@ridgefieldschools.com
Mr. William Pych Trustee wpych@ridgefieldschools.com
Mr. Javier Acosta Trustee jacosta@ridgefieldschools.com
. . .
Mr. John Petrelli Interim Superintendent of Schools JPetrelli@ridgefieldschools.com
Ms. Julyana Ortiz Business Administrator Jortiz@ridgefieldschools.com
  • Board of Education Committees

    Finance Committee:

    Curriculum Committee

    Operations Committee:

    Personnel Committee

    Policy Committee:

    Mayor & Council Ad Hoc Committee

    Student Liaison: Anthony Guera

    NJSBA/Legislative Delegate